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2021 Daxi Bean Curd Festival took visitors into the daily life in Daxi


Posted Date:2021-03-25

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Daxi has experienced the prosperity of early river transport which nurtured a century of beans and wood industry and rich cultural heritage. As time changes, traditions have gradually been forgotten. This year, Daxi Bean Curd Festival collaborated with 12 local stores, offering 16 kinds of fun experiences in "soya food, wood making, and tea art" in a total of 20 sessions. It is hoped that these creative and interesting experiences will enrich visitors’ trip to Daxi.

Wood art, soya food, and sweet potato cake: delicacies from 12 stores in Daxi
There were 4 sessions to choose from every day. If you like wood art, you can sign up for the hand-made small wooden house keyring workshop or the laser-carved Pui Pui Molcar workshop. Soybean lovers should not miss the fermented bean curd and dried tofu sandwich making activities. You can also make your own blend of Pu-er tea or traditional Daxi sweet potato cakes. 16 kinds of experiences catering to diverse interests allow visitors to create their own unique products. Next, visit Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum to learn about the past and present of the Daxi old dormitory. Finally, go to the Old Street to buy delicious dried tofu souvenirs and bring them home with fond memories.