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2021 Daxi Bean Curd Festival was launched at Daxi Old Streets


Posted Date:2021-04-10

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The 2021 Daxi Bean Curd Festival event ran for 5 days. Various activities were held, including DIY experiences; themed performance, “the Light of Daxi," given by Diabolo Dance Theatre, who is also known as the Taiwanese Cirque du Soleil; hundred-people soya feast; and a special creative market.

A slow stroll into the daily life of Daxi
The Bean Curd Festival collaborated with local stores to offer workshops for wooden spinning top painting, wooden keychain making, and wood board rubbing. Soybean lovers should try making fermented bean curd, dried tofu sandwiches, and tofu skin spring rolls. In addition, you could make your own blend of Pu-er tea and popcorn ice-cream. Visitors could enjoy making their own products. After the workshops, visitors could visit the Wood Art Ecomusuem and Lee Teng-fan’s Ancient Residence, or spend the night in Taoyuan before following Provincial Highway 7 to the Atayal tribes in Fuxing Village to experience indigenous culture and the lushness of mountains and forests.

The Taiwanese Cirque du Soleil joining Daxi Bean Curd Festival
This year’s Tofu Festival took everyone on a journey exploring new ways of celebrating dried tofu. Led by the holy sedan chair and local communities, a parade blessed the streets and opened the "Bean Night Festival," which symbolized passing on the heritage and praying to gods.
The climax of the Bean Night Festival was a performance given by the Diabolo Dance Theater, known as the Taiwanese Cirque du Soleil, of their wonderful "Light of Daxi" repertoire, taking the audience to a world beyond imagination: At the first sunrise of Daxi, the singing of the gods of beauty awakened the elves. The river elves and mountain elves danced on Dahan River with tambourines resembling soybeans. The audience joined the elves in this delightful celebration of Daxi.

A feast of the hundred-year soya culture disrupts your taste buds
Using the Daxi soya food culture as the basis, the menu was developed for a soya food feast for a hundred people. Ingredients for dried tofu sandwich and tofu skin spring roll were laid out on tofu boards. Professional chefs guided the participants through the making process. The food was then enjoyed with the unique soy milk pu-er tea, and the salty and sweet fermented bean curd cheese balls. With traditional Chinese music in the background, the unique soya food culture of Daxi could be enjoyed to the full!