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2022 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival showcasing the unique and exotic culture of Taiwan was held at Longgang Sports Field


Posted Date:2022-04-16

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2022 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival was held for two consecutive days at Longgang Sports Field, with the daily themes of "water splash" and "fire dance." On the first day, at the Songkran Festival, blessings were given to people by sprinkling water on them.

Water sprinkling, a Burmese new year celebration
Songkran is a tradition of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and other Southeast Asian countries, as well as the Dai people from Yunnan. Water is a symbol of cleanliness. Spraying water represents washing away all bad things for others and giving them best wishes for the new year. During Songkran, one must bathe the Buddha first. At the event, eminent monks will sprinkle water on people and pray for their happiness in the coming year.

In Thailand and Myanmar, Songkran Festival is like the Lunar New Year. It is scheduled between April 13th and 16th every year. The origin of the Songkran Festival is closely related to Theravada Buddhism. An important ritual at Songkran is bathing the Buddha. There is a Buddha bathing area at this event, where attendants are invited to calm down and pray.

The unique and exotic flavors of Burma and Thailand
At the event, participants can try the Burmese traditional games, Lalaodao (a giant craps game with animal dices) and roulette, as well as Burmese costumes and rice noodle DIY. There are also many Burmese food stalls at the venue offering authentic Burmese and Thai flavors not to be missed! In the surrounding Zhongzhen Commercial District, there are more than 50 stores offering Burmese-Thai cuisines. Visitors who are keen can always find an inexpensive and delicious meal from eateries here. During the pandemic, you might not be able to enjoy all the great food in Southeast Asia but you can pretend you are there at Longgang!