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2022 Taoyuan Camp X Music Festival with six major themes


Posted Date:2022-04-23

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The first Taoyuan Camp X Music Festival featured six major themes, including camping in style, camping craftsman show, outdoor concert, outdoor market, wide games, and gas lantern and outdoor lighting carnival. Visitors can have a glimpse of the upcoming Xizhou Camping Resort.

Taoyuan grand prize for camping - a selection of 20 camping brands of six styles
Many well-known camping brands participated in this event with great enthusiasm. Trailers, rooftop tents, awnings, safari tents, aesthetic setups, and camping goods were on display, showcasing the latest camping styles and trends such as military-style camping and luxury campers.

Music, workshops, and a market of selected brands
More than ten bands were invited to perform at the event, creating a great atmosphere with guitar folk songs and healing music. In addition, eight camping-related specialists were invited to teach their crafts of pizza baking, cocktail mixing, hand-drip coffee, and camping skills for novices at the event. Twenty specialty food trucks were also at the event, offering delicacies for picnics. What is also worth mentioning is the century-old gas lanterns on display. Visitors can enjoy a romantic walk around the campground at night in the warm atmosphere.

Orchard Villa is the first settling basin turned camping resort in Taiwan
The camping resort offers a "glamping" vacation experience through two luxury Airstream campers.The resort has three themes: Three-island Lake, Strolling Café, and four main outdoor activities. Three-island Lake contains three small islands, and hence the name. The lake surface reflects the surrounding mountains and the blue sky. It is a natural landscape formed by the No. 1 and No. 2 settling basins of Shihmen Reservoir. Visitors are recommended to enjoy the scenery at the viewing pier beside the lake.

Strolling Café is the café located beside Three-island Lake, offering seats by the floor-to-ceiling windows with great views. There is also wooden platform seating suitable for families with children to spend a summer afternoon.

Four main outdoor activities include canoeing around the lake, adventurous zipline, climbing, and summer paddling pool. Visitors can participate freely.
In the future, during major holidays and in collaboration with local businesses, special package tours around Shihmen Reservoir area will be offered to camping resort guests. It is hoped that local tourism industry can be developed and ecological education can be promoted at the same time.