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Taoyuan Government’s Tourism Promotion Embarks on a New Trend After the COVID-19 Pandemic: International Sightseeing Tourism & Healthy Travel Forum


Posted Date:2023-05-29

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Taoyuan: Your First Stop for Healthy Tourism—An Emerging Vegetarian-Friendly City
Healthy tourism is no longer a topic that only interests senior citizens; more and more travelers have started to pay attention to how outdoor activities can be combined with health-conscious and low-carbon practices. Moreover, with the global vegetarian population growing, the healthy and low-carbon travel trend driven by the vegetarian lifestyle, such as the proliferation of vegetarian restaurants, sustainable lodgings, and relaxing tourist spots, holds great potential for future tourism development. There are approximately three million vegetarians in Taiwan, constituting a significant segment of the tourism market. The Taoyuan government will develop a series of vegetarian-friendly activities that integrate accommodations, restaurants, and souvenirs. Taoyuan International Airport, being the landing spot for foreign travelers to Taiwan, boasts a considerable advantage. Combined with the well-developed vegetarian industry, Taoyuan aims to attract both national and international vegetarian travelers.

Combining Vegetarian Cuisine and Medical Care to Create Highlights for Taoyuan Tourism
Taiwan's superb medical care quality has consistently been praised internationally. As the gateway to Taiwan, Taoyuan's tourism goal focuses on promoting globalized, thematic tours that target specific demographics. The objective is to convey the idea of achieving health and sustainability through a vegetarian-friendly approach, thereby enhancing the city's appeal to attract a new generation of travelers from around the world. Healthy vegetarian cuisine will be incorporated into medical tourism, strengthening the depth of the experience. The combination of high-quality, healthy vegetarian meals with top-notch medical care will become the most distinctive feature when traveling to Taoyuan.