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The First-Ever Hanfu Styling Contest Debuted During Taoyuan Cosplay Festival


Posted Date:2023-06-26

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Contestants in Hanfu Transported Audiences Through Time on the Runway at the Taoyuan Cosplay Festival
The "2023 Taoyuan Cosplay Carnival" also hosted a Hanfu styling contest, allowing contestants to wear their meticulously prepared Hanfu outfits to showcase the beauty of ancient Chinese clothing. A total of 17 groups registered for the contest, with the youngest participant being only six years old. Dressed in Hanfu representing various dynasties, and styled with appropriate makeup and accessories, contestants walked and danced the runway to the rhythm of traditional Chinese music. The performances transported the audience through time, into the historical tunnel, deepening their understanding of Hanfu culture.

To encourage public engagement with Hanfu culture, in addition to the Hanfu competition, the event also offered opportunities for public to try on Hanfu, traditional jewelry, and makeup. This allowed participants to fully immerse themselves in Hanfu styling, as well as to understand the symbolism and social hierarchy represented by the various colors and patterns within the garments.

During the contest, the judges evaluated the contestants' overall appearance, performance and stage presence, and selected the top three winners to receive certificates and cash prizes. In the future, the Taoyuan Government will continue to integrate culture and tourism and promote local sites suitable for Hanfu photography and experiences. The aim is to enable more people to appreciate the beauty of Hanfu and incorporate this aspect of culture into their daily lives.