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Hakka Expo: Special Travel Package Now Available!


Posted Date:2023-07-11

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Hakka Expo Gathers People! Travel Agencies Collaborate to Promote Taoyuan
Scheduled to run for 66 days, the "2023 Hakka Expo" is expected to attract over a million visitors to Taoyuan. In a pioneering move for Taiwantourism, the Taoyuan City Government collaborates with seven major travel associations to initiate themed tours. This grand collaboration is considered the largest tourism cooperative event since the Covid pandemic. Over 50 themed tours connected to the Hakka Expo have been designed to fuel Taoyuan's tourism excitement.

Seven Travel Associations Signed MOU to Welcome Visitors and Jointly Boost Tourism
The promotion focuses on the Expo's two main exhibition areas, eight auxiliary halls, and 17 satellite exhibition areas. Together, they link Taoyuan's unique attractions and Hakka elements to present themed tours. At the MOU signing ceremony, the Taoyuan City Mayor joined the seven travel associations, aiming to enhance visitor experiences through diverse themed packages. Additionally, travel agencies were invited to explore the Expo's surrounding attractions, enabling them to create appealing thematic itineraries based on different sales channels, travelers' characteristics, and preferences.

"2023 Hakka Expo" Invites You to Enjoy Themed Tours in Taoyuan
Dozens of thematic tours are now available online, including a highly affordable package priced at $399. This offer includes visits to the Yong’an Conch Cultural Experience Park, the Hakka Expo World Pavilion, a DIY barrel-broiled chicken activity, and the Sheng Chang Discovery Center of Chinese Herbal Medicine. A one-day tour package is also available for $999, which combines visits to the Hakka Expo and Romantic Route 3, as well as a tasting of fresh fish from Shihmen.