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“Explore Taoyuan – Hata Rgyax Lo!!” Unveils Fresh Ways to Experience Taoyuan in the Summer and Fall


Posted Date:2023-07-24

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The New Tourism Brand Showcasing the Northern Cross-Island Highway – Customize Your Unique Northern Cross-Island Tour
The Department of Tourism has launched a new tourism brand called "Explore Taoyuan – Hata Rgyax Lo!!", providing a fresh take on the diverse travel opportunities in the region. Six celebrity-guided tour experiences, audio-guided tours, and a dedicated website will help travelers discover their ideal way to explore the Northern Cross-Island Highway and create a trip tailored to their own style.

Six Thematic Itineraries Unveil the Charm of the Northern Cross-Island Highway
The Northern Cross-Island Highway's unique character lends itself to various themed travel experiences. To that end, the Department of Tourism of the Taoyuan City Government is introducing six major thematic tours this summer: "Experiencing the Xikou Tribe," "Agricultural Experiences," "Hunting Experiences," "High-altitude Bungee Jumping for Stress Relief," "Adventure in Dongyanshan," and "The Blue Highway of Shihmen Reservoir." Each itinerary can be freely combined with accommodations in Fuxing District and mid-level mountain hikes to extend the journey into a two-day or even multi-day tour.

The Local Audio Tour Combined with Thematic Itineraries Gives You a Relaxed Yet In-depth Exploration of the Northern Cross-Island Highway
The Department of Tourism creates six “local audio tours” tailor-made for each thematic itinerary, incorporating local voices, ambient sounds, and street noises so that visitors can have fun experiencing the multifaceted Northern Cross-Island Highway and listen to the most vivid stories of this area.

The new brand aims to showcase the entire Northern Cross-Island Highway through six “thematic itineraries” that guide visitors in exploring the area. Additionally, six “local audio tours” reveal hidden stories of the region, while six “Travel with Celebrity” tours generate excitement for summer and fall visits. An exclusive website has also been launched to continually enhance the area's appeal. This website serves as a one-stop service center, providing comprehensive travel information.