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Taipei FunPASS for Taipei–Keelung Metropolitan Area Now Available with Additional Special Offers for Taoyuan Sightseeing Spots


Posted Date:2023-08-01

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Upgraded Version of the Taipei FunPASS Now Available, Including Eight New Popular Summer Tourist Spots in Taoyuan
The Department of Tourism of the Taoyuan City Government, in cooperation with Keelung, Taipei, and New Taipei City, has launched an upgraded Taipei FunPASS with a total of 30 hot tourist spots. The eight newly added spots in Taoyuan include Daxi Tea Factory, Xpark, Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center, Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum, Window on the World, Tomita Garden Farm, Pushin Ranch, and Shu Shin KIRIGAKURE. Visitors can access six of these attractions for free with the FunPASS and enjoy ticket discounts at Xpark and Window on the World.

Extra Taoyuan-Limited Special Offer Available; FunPASS Purchase Channels Made More Convenient
To make purchasing the FunPASS easier for tourists, both physical and online purchase channels are provided. Physically, you can purchase and receive the pass immediately at designated stations of Taipei and Taoyuan Metro. Online channels include Klook, GetYourGuide, Lion Travel, ibon, Gomaji, and the FunPASS official website, allowing you to buy the FunPASS whenever you wish to explore and have fun.

Recommendations for Celebrating the Qixi Festival
In line with the upcoming Qixi Festival, the Department of Tourism of the Taoyuan City Government recommends a four-day itinerary. Day one takes you to Longtan, visiting Window on the World Theme Park, Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Museum, and Shu Shin KIRIGAKURE. Day two includes Tomita Garden Farm and Daxi Tea Factory with a special "Make a Wish on Qixi" event at Xpark. Day three features New Taipei City's Tamsui Lover's Tower and Fort San Domingo. The final day takes you to Taipei Zoo, Maokong Gondola, and Miramar Ferris Wheel. This package provides access to 11 sightseeing spots, with an original value of $2,290. By using the FunPASS, you can save $1,240 instantly, offering exceptional value.