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2016 Hundred-Faceted Taoyuan: Wonderful Lantern Festival


Posted Date:2016-01-26

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Welcome to Taoyuan, Enjoy “Daytime Roaming over Taoyuan City, Evening Strolling Lantern Festival,” from February 22nd to March 6th, Deputy Mayor Invites You
 On January 21st, Dr. Wang Ming-Teh, Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City, has attended the press conference for the event of  “Hundred Faceted Taoyuan: Wonderful Lantern Festival 2016.” He said in the conference that Taiwan Lantern Festival, for the first time within 27 years since inauguration of the festival, is hold in the city of Taoyuan. Approximately, from February 22nd to March 6th, there will be 15 millions to 20 millions domestic and foreign touristscoming to the event. We will welcome everybody with open arms and encourage you to bring the tourist brochure “10 Experts Lead the Way and Let’s GO,” and follow the experts to enjoy the event of “Daytime Roaming over Taoyuan City, Evening Strolling Lantern Festival.”
Deputy Mayor indicates that the “10 Experts Lead the Way and Let’s GO” has collected 10 fabulous traveling routes, including the “Northern Cross-Island Highway: The Homeland,” “Romantic Stars Chasers,” “Daxi: Town ofPresidents,” “Tasting Fishes at Coast,” “Magnificent and exotic Land,” “Festival to Welcome God of Wealth in Longtan,” “Cakes and milk tea,” “Corner of Hipster,” “The City for Roaming, Shopping, and Eating,” and “Healing Forest.” In the brochure, we have collected more than 100 attractions for both domestic and foreign visitors to follow and find what you want, and amuse yourselves as much as you like.
Yang Sheng-ping, Director-General of Department of Tourism, said that the Department has designed 10 traveling routes for domestic and international tourists and engaged a number of “tourism experts” to lead the ways, thus visitors can have an in-depth tour along the shooting scenes of the films “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” and “Our Times,” and also Daxi Old Streets, Chiang Kai-shek Mausoleum, Longtan Longyuan Temple, Hutoushan Park, among other attractions.
 Director-General Yang also noted that a number of members of accommodation industry in Taoyuan have been rushing to ride the tide of wave and is going to launch“Lantern Festival Shuttle Bus.” Anyone who check in a designated hotel or lodge can easily take the shuttle bus and go directly to the scene of carnival during the Lantern Festival, and participate in wine tasting, cultural and creative exhibition and sales, etc., organized by the vendors, to enjoy the splendid tour of Lantern Festival and the wonderful scenery of Taoyuan.