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“Grand Fortune of Qitian”, main lantern of 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival, now showing.


Posted Date:2016-01-15

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“Grand Fortune of Qitian”, main lantern of 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival, now showing. “During the lantern festival, there will be 140 thousands small lanterns of the “vital monkey” granted to people for showing the unique attraction of Taiwan Lantern Festival,” said Mayor Cheng. 
On December 29th, 2015, Cheng Wen-Tsan, Taoyuan Mayor, headed to The Grand Hotel to attend “ the press conference, of 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival, for publication of main lantern and small lantern” to advertise 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival, which will be held at the Qingpu special district around HSR Taoyuan station from February 22th to March 6th. He also announced that Taoyuan city government will provide, for free, 140 thousands small lanterns of “vital monkey.” Moreover, Mayor Cheng indicated that he would collaborate the strength of central government, local government and general groups to hold an unforgettable celebration for Taiwan Lantern Festival, and display the cultural power of Taiwan.  
“The Taiwan Lantern Festival, which has history of 27 years, is the touristy brand possessing the most Taiwanese attractiveness. Being thankful for support of Tourism Bureau, this is the first time, for Taoyuan city, as the major hosting city within 27 years. To perfectly prepare the Lantern Festival this year, all the departments of Taoyuan City Government put their all efforts on this event. Furthermore, Taoyuan City Government recruits almost 6,000 volunteers and integrates each aspect of general groups, from enterprises, universities and religious groups, to collaboratively display the cultural attractiveness and peculiar highlight of Taiwan. In addition, the design of Lantern area combines many various features, such as diversified culture, spirit of baseball and abundance of high-tech industries, of local culture in Taoyuan,” addressed Mayor Cheng.     
“There are 6 zones with different themes in 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival, including “Technology of the New World”, “Dream Factory of Fairy Tale”, “the New Peach Blossom Spring”, “Taoyuan Story”, “Religious Praying” and “Multiple Culture Exchanging”. The exhibition area begins from the front square of Qingpu station of HSR and extends to Qingtangyuan, in total of 32 hectares that is the largest exhibition in the years. With highly diversified transportation method, travelers can come to visit by taking HSR, Taiwan Railway, Shuttle bus or compact car,” indicated Mayor Cheng.