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Taoyuan-style picnic day


Posted Date:2015-11-26

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Taoyuan-style picnic day. “All the citizens are encouraged to know more about this city and land by having a picnic,” said Mayor Cheng.
November 21th 2015, Taoyuan Mayor, Cheng Wen-Tsan went to the grassland in front of Arts Facilities Management Center to attend the event of “Taoyuan-style picnic day” and said “Department of Tourism has been planning an event which is “Hundred of picnic spots in Taoyuan.” This plan is to introduce people some scenic points and places that are good for picnic. There are many good places in different districts, such as Feng Shu Jiao Park at Bade district, Dayuan Park at Dayuan District, Arts Facilities Management Center at Taoyuan District and Longtan Pond at Longtan District, etc. So, all the citizens and young families are encouraged to go to different placed to experience the happiness of picnic and know more about the land, community and city we are living in by having a picnic.”
 “In Taiwan, there was a period of time that biking and jogging was very popular. In recent, camping and picnicking is getting popular. These four things are very good activities for families. A piece of small picnicking pad can have a lot of fun. It doesn’t cost much money to bring happiness to families. The event of “Taoyuan-style picnic day” comprises concert, green sofa reading, country-style feast, postcard painting and family interactivities, etc. In the meanwhile, the event also includes picnic-decorating game. People who join voting can also join the raffle draw to win a picnicking pad and picnicking bag,” indicated Mayor Cheng.
Mayor Cheng also signed the “Taoyuan-style Picnic Pact.” The content included that enjoying local delicious foods, self-preparing picnicking equipment, none of picnic waste dropped on the ground, no fire during picnic, respecting surrounded animals and plants and helping each other in the community. Mayor Cheng hoped that everyone could follow the convention and keep the beautiful environment sustainable.