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A backpack trip takes you to explore the autumn colors along the Northern Cross-Island Highway


Posted Date:2016-01-26

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Pack Light and Enjoy the Fall Leaves on the Northern Cross-Island Highway

Crimson leaves in the fall are swirling with the wind along the Northern Cross-Island Highway. It guarantees a wonderful time with beautiful scenery.
The head of the Department of Tourism, Yang Shen-Pin said, “There are many different species showing red, orange and yellow colors along the Northern Cross-Island Highway, painting the mountains with different shades. Besides the familiar sweet gum and green maple, there are subcostate crape myrtle, tallow tree, wax tree, zelkova, hackberry, soapberry, Roxburgh sumac, etc. The locations for enjoying the colorful leaves are Shihmen Reservoir, the surrounding area of Cihu parking lot, Tao 115 Township Road toward Shiao-Wulai, Tao 116 Township Road toward Mt. Lala, the surrounding area of Lower Baling Ecological Park and along the Northern Cross-Island Highway. The best time to see the fall colors is from November to mid-December.