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“Fun in Taoyuan” booklets are now available online. It’s easy to have a fun trip in Taoyuan!


Posted Date:2016-01-29

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Have fun in Taoyuan all the way through: Read the Tourist Theme Manual online and Have an Easy Trip in Taoyuan!
“Fun in Taoyuan”! The brand new Taoyuan Tour Strategy has been published!
In Taoyuan, visitors can enjoy ocean views as well as explore mountainous forests. The rich tourist resources of thirteen districts are distributed across Taoyuan, which are the City’s most precious treasure. Through the new municipality, Taoyuan City designs a brand new tour strategy. Through Taoyuan’s major roads, the mountain line, sea line and metropolitan line are connected with hiking trails and bikeways, which offer five theme tour guides, allowing visitors to explore every corner of Taoyuan and have fun all the way.
Mountainside, coastal and metropolitan destinations: Have fun in Taoyuan with mountains and sea
Taoyuan has convenient transportation, including highway, railway and air travel. With its superb geographic location, it is easy for both domestic and foreign visitors to tour around Taoyuan. The Mountainside Destinations in the “Fun in Taoyuan!” booklets connect Provincial Highway 3, which is also called the Inner Mountain Highway, and Provincial Highway 7, which is the only cross-island highway in Northern Taiwan, taking people to visit old streets, reservoirs and tribal areas, and to explore the natural scenery of mountains and waters. The Costal Destinations, characteristic of dazzling costal views, are based on the West Coast Expressway (Provincial Highway 61), and Provincial Highway 15, which runs through the four coastal districts of Taoyuan. The Metropolitan Destinations link Provincial Highway 1, and Taoyuan and Zhongli train stations, which rank second and third in Taiwan in terms of traffic volume, enabling people to visit old houses and the night market district, while experiencing city life. Following the main roads in Taoyuan, tourists will discover extraordinary Taoyuan with green mountains, blue coasts, and the fun provided by a bustling city.
With a map of bikeways and hiking trails, explore the brand new Taoyuan step by step.
In addition to the three major theme lines, mountain line, sea line and metropolitan line, there are two other major themes: hiking trails and bikeways. “Trails” and “Fun Cycling” booklets feature the top ten routes in Taoyuan for visitors to “hike” or “cycle” around Taoyuan, in order to enjoy the tableland, coast, ecology, waters, green forest, sea of clouds, sacred trees, etc. Each route is an enjoyable, relaxing getaway. No matter whether you visit by yourself, with a date, or with family, you can follow the “Fun in Taoyuan” booklets to plan a fun tour.
“Fun in Taoyuan” Booklets: Free of charge from all Visitor Information Centers in Taoyuan
The “Fun in Taoyuan” booklets and maps are available free of charge at Taoyuan Visitor Information Centers (Taoyuan Train Station, Zhongli Train Station, THSR Taoyuan Station), the City Visitor Center, or Taoyuan City’s Department of Tourism. The electronic versions can be downloaded from, Taoyuan City Travel Website (under video).