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“Water Splashing Festival” of 2016 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival


Posted Date:2016-04-27

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“Water Splashing Festival” of 2016 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival - Mayor Cheng: Splashing water represents renewal and the unique charms of Yunnan culture
When attending the “Songkran (Water Splashing Festival)” of 2016 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival held on April 16th at the Yunnan Cultural Park, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan reminded everyone of the “Street Banquet” with 66 tables held the previous evening as the opening ceremony of 2016 Longgang Rice Noodle Festival. The Songkran festival organized on April 16th represented “renewal” amongst the Dai people of Yunnan, Thailand, and Burma. The splashing water represents the passing of the old year and the arrival of the new one. Dutzie (Torch Festival) was also scheduled on April 23th and 24th, bringing the elements of water, fire, drum beats and songs, Yunnan cuisine, and fun activities together for the Longgang Rice Noodle Festival to provide an enriching event for entire families to experience the unique charms of Yunnan culture.
Mayor Cheng described that due to the shortage of water in 2015, the water splashing festival activity for Songkran was replaced with water spraying. The year of 2016 proved to be more abundant in rain and the Taoyuan City Government has prepared numerous water tanks, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun of water splashing.
Mayor Cheng pointed out that in addition to these exciting events, Longgang Rice Noodle Festival will also be exhibiting the “Liu or Liu (traveling and settling)” lantern set that was first exhibited during the Taiwan Lantern Festival. This set represented an abandoned legion that made their way from the Golden Triangle to Longgang and Zhongzhen areas, driven on by faith and emotions. Their journeys forced them to leave their homes, but also left memories that stayed on. Longgang and Zhongzhen areas are now home to more than 8,000 immigrants from the Golden Triangle. Fine cuisine and cultural elements they’ve brought from their homes represent their gratitude and have now become a unique cultural feature of “Golden Triangle of Charms” in Taiwan.
Mayor Cheng also expressed that plans made by the Taoyuan City Government for building a “Yunnan Legend Hall” at Yunnan Cultural Park to collect and exhibit historical artifacts and imageries. The annual Loggang Rice Noodle Festival could be hosted at Yunnan Legend Hall. The Yunnan Legend Hall may also refer to the mode of Hakka Cuisine Map to create their own “Yunnan Cuisine Map” so that tourists can achieve better understanding about the cuisine and cultural elements that originated in Golden Triangle.