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Thousand People Street Banquet


Posted Date:2016-04-26

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Thousand People Street Banquet - Mayor Cheng: Longgang Rice Noodle Festival has begun - everyone is welcome to experience the charms of Yunnan culture
When attending the “Press Conference for the Thousand People Street Banquet of Longgang Rice Noodle Festival 2016” held on April 15th in the evening at Pingzhen Yunnan Cultural Park, Mayor Cheng reminded everyone that this would be the 6th anniversary of the “Longgang Rice Noodle Festival.” A Street Banquet, symbolizing the passionate and traditions of sharing from Yunnan, was organized to unveil the festival. Songkran (water splashing festival) and Dutzie (torch festival) were also scheduled this year. Everyone is welcome to Longgang to experience the charms of Yunnan culture.
Mayor Cheng also described the Street Banquet with 66 tables for “Longgang Rice Noodle Festival.” Each table is provided with baskets containing 6 to 8 dishes. Hundreds of exotic cuisine and culinary delights help showcase the traditional gastronomic traditions of Yunnan. Activities of the Longgang Rice Noodle Festival would also include water splashing festival and torch festival. Exotic dishes and traditional cultures were integrated to become local attraction in Zhongli, Longgang, Pingzhen, and Zhongzhen areas. Taoyuan City Government will continue to support and improve upon the popularity of these festivals.
Mayor Cheng also described the rich cultural traditions of Yunnan. History recorded the struggles of older generation to raise their children in foreign lands ridden with strife and war within the Golden Triangle. The Rice Noodle Festival reflects upon their homelands and has become part of Taoyuan’s unique cultural feature.
Mayor Cheng and Taoyuan City Government are both committed towards the diverse culture of Yunnan and Burma, and continued to contribute efforts towards the construction of an “Yunnan  Legend Hall” and transform the Longgang area into a “Golden Triangle of Cultural Charms.” These efforts will help preserve historical artifacts and imageries, showcase the tales of suffering of our older generations, and add to the local cultural landscape as a tourist destination. Mayor Cheng emphasized that the efforts of Taoyuan City Government in establishing the Yunnan  Legend Hall is “not to become the best, but the only.” The city government committed towards the preservation of local cultural features and safeguard unique cultural heritage for everyone.