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Taoyuan Tourism


Shihmen Reservoir

Daxi Dist.
  • Today Weather 短暫陣雨或雷雨 21-22°C 90%
  • 04/25 Weather 21-24°C 70%
  • 04/26 Weather 短暫陣雨或雷雨 22-25°C 50%
  • UV IndexLow
  • Air Quality IndicatorExcellent
Shihmen Reservoir

Sunset Lake tour pier Lakeside style

The picturesque mountain range and mistiness of Shihmen Reservoir make it a top-rated photo location especially at dawn and dusk.
Peach blossom, cherry blossom and Indian Azaleas bloom upon the arrival of spring. In summer, colorful hot air balloons in the sky paint a unique lakeside scenery. In autumn, hills covered with maple trees turn golden. In the depth of winter, plum blossoms cover the area in sparks of white. Shihmen Reservoir is not merely a water reserve but a wonderful scenic destination featuring varied seasonal scenery and recreational facilities like parks and trails.
Through real-time image broadcasting, visitors can instantly check out the view, information on seasonal flower bloom and weather conditions.

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