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Jiaobanshan Plum Orchard

Fuxing Dist.
  • TodayWeather 短暫陣雨 24-26°C 100%
  • 10/05Weather 短暫陣雨 24-28°C 90%
  • 10/06Weather 短暫陣雨 23-28°C 50%
  • UV IndexLow
  • Air Quality IndicatorExcellent
Jiaobanshan Plum Orchard

Plum Garden is an acclaimed attraction in Northern Taiwan. Between late December and January in the following year, the vast plum forest in full bloom turns white-capped like snow. In addition to plum blossom viewing, which is more static, the 2-hectare garden also appeals to visitors with various dynamic activities like picnic, tea party, and wide games during the season.
Jiaobanshan is rich in the beauty of both humanity and nature. In fall, the eco pond at Jiaobanshan Residence creates a dreamy ambiance with the reflection of red maple leaves in various shades. When plum blossoms in winter, Plum Garden turns silver-white. Visitors can enjoy a leisure stroll amid the heavenly fragrance of the bloom. Next to the residence, there are various art installations at Jiaobanshan Park showcasing the creative expression of world-class artists.

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