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Three Swimming Turtles

Fuxing Dist.
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Three Swimming Turtles

The view of three turtles playing in the water is one of the most representative views in the Baling area. Dahan River is the major river of Taoyuan City and its upstream originates from the Yufeng and Sanguang Rivers which flow through mountains and integrate into Dahan River before reaching Lower Baling. "Three Swimming Turtles" refers to the junction of the three rivers. Dahan River follows a winding and torturous course and changes its path several times in the region. Because of the long-term erosion due to natural forces, river valleys interleaving with mountains, overlooked from the mountain road, look like the heads of three turtles. Together with undulating mountain ranges that take the shape of the backs of the turtles, the picturesque view of "Three Swimming Turtles" is shaped that is not only a must see in the Baling area, but also one of the most beautiful sceneries in Mt. Lala.

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