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Jiaobanshan Siqin Pavilion

Fuxing Dist.
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  • 05/20 Weather 多雲 21-29°C 50%
  • 05/21 Weather 短暫陣雨或雷雨 21-27°C 90%
  • UV IndexLow
  • Air Quality IndicatorExcellent
Jiaobanshan Siqin Pavilion

At Jiaobanshan Residence, there are many featured attractions such as the war-readiness tunnel, Chiang Kai-shek's guesthouse, sculpture park, and camphor storage house. It is a place full of culture and history, while the beautiful nature is also enchanting. Jiaobanshan is known as "Taiwan's Lushan." Every spring, the blooming plum flowers and the ancient pine trees add a touch of nostalgia to this mountain. At Siqin Pavilion at the back of Jiaobanshan Residence, you can enjoy the magnificent sight of Dahan River running through the river-step terrain of Najie Mountain. The spectacular scenery can now be enjoyed through the live camera, no matter where you are. The different beauty of Jiaobanshan in the four seasons can now be appreciated through the screen.

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