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Taiwan uses electric current of 110 volts at 60 cycles, appliances from Europe, Australia or South-East Asia will need an adaptor or transformer. Many buildings have sockets with 220 volts especially for the use of air conditioners.

Type A (two flat pins)

Type B (North American Three Pin)

  • Type A
    Type A
  • Type B
    Type B


Public phones

Coin phones accept coins in denominations of NT$1, NT$5, and NT10. For local calls, NT$1 buys one minute of phone time. Phone cards are divided into magnetic strip stored value cards and IC stored value cards, and can be used all over Taiwan. Magnetic strip cards sell for NT$100 each, and IC cards are available in NT$200 and NT$300 versions. The cards are sold in railway stations, bus stations, scenic spots, and convenience stores.

Call rates

When making local calls, it is not necessary to dial the area code; when making long-distance calls, however, the area code of which the recipient stay must be dialed in first (see explanation on the public telephone) and then the recipient’s phone number. International calls can be made from private cell phones, public IDD phones, or hotel IDD phones. International calls are charged in units of six seconds.

Call rates

International E-Call Card

The procedure for making international direct dial calls from Taiwan is as follows.

Call rates

  • Dial Taiwan's international access code, 002 or 009.
  • Dial the country code of the country being called (1 for the U.S., 86 for mainland China, etc.)
  • Dial in the area code of the called party (leaving out the long-distance recognition digit, "0")
  • Dial in the number of the called party.

For operator-assisted international calls, please dial "100."

For international information, call this free number : 0800-080100.

Reduced price periods and fees for International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) are as follows: 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. daily, 12:00 noon Saturday - all day Sunday - 8:00 a.m. Monday, and all day on national holidays.

For reverse charges or credit calls, dial 008 + the communication number for the country being called, as follows

  • Australia 00801-610-610/00801-610-061
  • Canada 00801-120-012
  • Hong Kong 00801-852-111
  • Italy 00801-390-039
  • Japan (via KDD) 00801-810-051/00801-810-033
  • South Korea 00801-820-820
  • Malaysia 00801-600-060
  • Philippines 00801-630-063/00801-630-630
  • Singapore 00801-656-565
  • England 00801-440-044
  • United States (AT&T) 00801-102-880
  • United States (MCI)
  • 00801-13-4567(English)/00801-13-9988(Chinese)
  • *The number of each countries varies constantly. Please call the following number for more information: 0800-080100*
  • Source:Tourism Bureau