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National Central University(中央大學)


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Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00
National Central University is located in the Shuanglianpo area of Zhongli; it spans an area of approximately 62 hectares. Due to its beautiful campus scenery and convenient location, it has been used as the filming location of many Taiwanese TV drama series. With the fame brought on by the television industry, National Central University is not only a school, but also a favorite dating site for the younger generation.
Here you can stroll along the Baihuachuan Pine Forest Path amongst the pine trees while breath in the aroma of osmanthus flowers. Simply turn around to enjoy the lovely scenery of the wide-open green lawns, willow branches gently dancing over the Zhongda Lake, and artworks created by renowned Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming.

Walk down Zhongda Road to reach the front entrance of National Central University. Upon entering the campus, the first thing you will notice is the oval-shaped garden designed along the slope; located at its center are the words "National Central University" formed by Chinese banyan, the striking design immediately catches the eye. Pass through the circle and continue with your exploration, and you will soon arrive at the "Baihuachuan Pine Forest Path" covered by flagstones, Along the way are pavilions, resting areas, and lights. In addition to admiring the sculpture "Taichi Arch" by Ju Ming on the lawn, you will also find a giant banyan tree that is also known as the "Central Park". As the tree is shaped similarly to the tree logo of Cathay Life Insurance Company, it is also called the "Cathay Tree"; these are all beautiful locations worthy of taking pictures. At the end of the path is an outdoor cafe, during weekends and holidays it is full of visitors enjoying a nice cup of coffee under the sunshine. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of laughter mixed with the whizzing of flying kites and Frisbees; it is the perfect place for relaxation.

Due to its charming and beautiful campus scenery, National Central University has received much attention from the television industry for the filming of several TV drama series. For example, Zhongda lake where the main protagonists from "True Love 18" fell into the water, the banyan tree where Annie Wu from "Peach Girl" made a wish, the bench next to the Taichi lawn where Angela Chang from "Bump Off Lover" sat, the pine tree path where Vic Chou from "Poor Prince" rode his bike. Even in the recent show called "In A Good Way", the "Chengdong University" from the show is actually National Central University, where the romantic Baihuachuan became the backdrop for the Christmas ball. During the festive season, National Central University also sets up lights and decorations to bring in the holiday cheer.

Apart from the art and cultural elements present on campus, there are also two elegant fountains. The lush trees next to the lake and falling leaves dotting the lawn add a poetic feel to the scene, groups of students and couples stroll along on campus also add to the romantic atmosphere.
If you are not in a hurry, take a leisurely walk on the lawn with your other half and spend a tranquil afternoon on the campus, or lie on the grass and let the sun caress your body, adding another page to the beautiful chapter of your romance together.



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