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Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Area(東眼山森林遊樂區)


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Wednesday: 08:00 – 17:00
Dongyan Mountain Forest Recreational Area is situated in Taoyuan City's Fuxing District, at the foot of the Snow Mountain range. If one looks at the mountain from Amupin in Taoyuan, its shape is like a reclining maiden gazing wide-eyed towards the east, hence the name "Dongyan Mountain" (east eye mountain). The entire recreational area spans an area of almost 1,000 hectares, which includes the spectacular view of a 300-hectare cedar forest. The highest point in the park is the 1,212-meter "Dongyan Mountain". From the peak of the mountain visitors can see the breathtaking view of all nearby mountain ranges, Taoyuan, Sanxia, and the Tamsui River; it is also a good location to enjoy the night lights in Taoyuan.

The two main features of Dongyan Mountain are the "cedar forest" and "sea of clouds". Due to its elevation at around 1,000 meters, during the early years, the area was used as a cedar plantation; therefore the cedar forest became the most prominent scenery in the park. The several hundred hectares of thick and verdant forest has formed a dense cover which makes an ideal habitat for a wide variety of amphibians, making Dongyan Mountain a good destination for parents to take their children and for environmental education classes. The terrain varies widely within the mountain region, misty clouds often form above the forest in the afternoons, and this is the time when Dongyan Mountain is most beautiful. If you are lucky, you might even see a rainbow coming out from the eyes of the maiden.
Dongyan Mountain Forest Recreational Area has various forest trails with a total length of 16Km; it includes the "self-guided hiking trail" which climbs up the 1,212-meter main peak of Dongyan Mountain; the "knowledge trail" which focuses its displays on the plantation culture and logging industry; the "parent and child peaks trail" with one large and one small peak, looking like a mother leading a child located at the end of the plantation road; four "fossil forest trail" which display fossil and remains from over thirty million years ago. Each of these trails offers different sceneries, habitats, and forest landscapes, allowing visitors to learn more about the mountain through different perspectives.

The best way to experience the essence of Dongyan Mountain is to go for a walk on the self-guided trail, the trail and its various side paths have a total distance of 4Km. If you go from here to the triangulation point of the Dongyan Mountain's main peak, the total distance is around 1.6Km. The Forestry Bureau provides free map guides, or you can simply follow the sign posts along the trail. Along the trail, many information guide posts offering a wealth of information and pictures have been installed. Walk along the railroad tie-paved trail and reach the top, the full trip to the peak only takes about 60 minutes. There is a wide variety of plant and animal life to see along the way so that
you can mesmerize yourself in the beauty of mother nature and bathe in a spa of phytoncides. Once you arrive at the 1,212-meter peak at the end of the trail, you will experience another set of breathtaking views. From the viewing platform, clouds float by with the breeze while you admire the magnificent emerald tapestry of the mountain ranges.
The "Knowledge Trail" is situated behind the restaurant and meanders in-between the dense forest and crossing streams; its main attractions are the displays of forestry culture and machinery. Here, you can bathe in the scents of the forest while experiencing the area's rich history and culture.



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