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Zhongli Tourist Night Market(中壢觀光夜市)


Popularity: 21.6k

Thursday: 17:00 – 00:00
Zhongli Tourist Night Market is located on Xinming Road in Zhongli District; it can be found at the intersection of Zhongyang West Road and Minquan Road, covering a distance of around 700m. The Zhongli Tourist Night Market is one of the top tourist night markets in Taoyuan. With many schools close by, the street is being used as a regular road during the day. Many school buses will pass by until approximately 17:00pm, where vendors being to setup their stalls. At this hour, this section of Xinming Road which is normally filled with cars becomes a hub for vendors and stalls. The market is formed with stalls on either side of the road, as well as stalls neatly lined-up in the middle of the road, attracting a large crowd. During weekends and holidays, the night market is completely packed with visitors, becoming even more fun as the night grows.
Zhongli Tourist Night Market(中壢觀光夜市)
Zhongli Tourist Night Market is mainly set up on Xinming Road with three major product categories: lifestyle products, food and snacks, and fruits. Most of the stalls here are old and well established shops; they include all kinds of snacks, men and women's clothing, hardware stores, daily items, ornaments and decorations, cold drinks and ices, anything ranging from food to toys can be found here. The first half of the night market is mainly clothing stores, convenience stores, and entertainment products from Korea and Hong Kong. The second half of the market is a food heaven where numerous well-known stalls offering local delicacies such as sweet potato balls, fried spareribs, mixed tofu-pudding, and hot and spicy stinky tofu are all gathered in one place. Other local snacks such as pork intestine noodle soup, fried pineapple shrimps, oyster pancakes, freshly cooked squid, and mini egg cakes are just as tasty as those from other night markets! 
The Zhongli Tourist Night Market has been around for over 20 years. In the early days, the development of the traditional night market affected the traffic and the appearance of the city, and urban areas were developing rapidly; therefore in 1990, the Zhongli District Office assembled vendors from the main roads including Xingguo Road, Zhongmei Road, Laojie River, Zhongshan Road, Zhongping Road, Zhongzheng Road, and Datong Road to parts of Xinming Road and Zhongyang West Road within Zhongli District. Not only did this move provide vendors with a stress-free business location, it also successfully gathered and converged the crowds at this these locations; it is the go-to place for local residents when they crave a midnight snack.
Zhongli Tourist Night Market
When you come to the Zhongli Tourist Night Market, which is famous for its tasty local snacks, you must try these typical Taiwanese night market goodies. For something with a bite try the hot and spicy stinky tofu or the hot and sour rice noodles; there is also freshly fried pork spareribs; richly fragrant rice vermicelli soup and sesame oil chicken; chewy and delicious sweet potato balls; crispy, aromatic, and crusty scallion pancakes; cool and refreshing mixed tofu-pudding and papaya milkshakes. There is a treat for everyone. Once you have had your fill of yummy treats, don't be in a rush to leave. On the other side of the night market you will find vendors offering the latest fashion goods and fun and interesting items. All products are unique and appeal to the younger crowd, so when you are stuffed from all the delicious snacks, come take a look around this section.

As Zhongli Tourist Night Market was developed from a gathering of temporary stalls, therefore the shopping district evolved independently, visitors can continue with their shopping and sight-seeing at the nearby SOGO shopping district. The night market is also close to the Zhongli train station which can be reached within a 20 minute walk. Take a stroll and shop at the same time to experience the local night market lifestyle.



Opening Hours Sunday: 17:00 – 00:00
Monday: 17:00 – 00:00
Tuesday: 17:00 – 00:00
Wednesday: 17:00 – 00:00
Thursday: 17:00 – 00:00
Friday: 17:00 – 00:00
Saturday: 17:00 – 00:00


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