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Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium (樂天桃園棒球場)


Popularity: 14.1k


Get front-row seats and enjoy fancy gourmet

Homecourt parties: star performances at the pre-game show

Best venue for concerts: many top bands have held concerts here

“Let’s go, let’s go, Rakuten Monkeys!” Be it baseball games or concerts, Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium has become a place of great memories for many since its 2009 launch. According to statistics, there are more than 400,000 visitor counts here for the CPBL regular games every year. For this reason, it was named the most popular stadium. Being right next to the A19 station (Taoyuan Sports Park) of Taoyuan Airport MRT, it has the unique advantage of “arriving at the station equals arriving at the stadium.” There are also basketball courts, softball fields, Qingpu baseball field, shopping malls, Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, and hotels. It is a dynamic recreational complex.    

Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium is 4 hectares in size, with one underground level and three levels above the ground. When it was first finished and launched, there were only 12,000 infield seats. In 2012, when World University Baseball Championship was held, outfield seats were added, making the total number of seats 20,000. With Chengqing Lake Baseball Stadium in Kaohsiung, they are now two of the stadiums with the largest number of seats in the world. To provide a versatile viewer experience, “Rock 'n' Roll seats” are available at the first and the third baselines. It would feel like the GA floor section at a concert where you can experience everything close-up. If you would like to hang out with a group of friends, book the VIP suites in the infield east and west lower-B and lower-J sections so you can cheer however loudly you want! Rakuten Monkey’s Restaurant is beyond any sports bar. Simultaneous outdoor dining and game-watching is available here. On weekends and national holidays, yin-yang hot pot and BBQ deals are available for your baseball game parties!    

In 2020, Rakuten Taiwan took over Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium as their home field. The Rakuten Monkeys team and their cheerleaders, Rakuten Girls, were formed. The occasional themed parties with guest performances excite the fans very much before the game. Over the years, Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium has held CPBL regular games, Asia Series, Asia Winter Baseball League, and WBSC Premier12 games; as well as concerts of Mayday, Fire EX., Guns N’ Roses, and BTS.



TEL +886-34250927
Opening Hours Depending on game time
Charge Refer to announcements on the official site


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  • Parking Lot
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  • Bike Rest Stop


■ During off seasons, the stadium is not opened to public.
■ Refer to the official site for free shuttle bus information.


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Wenzhongsan parking lot is opposite to the stadium