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Kengkou Community Painted Village(坑口彩繪村)

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Saturday: 06:00 – 17:00


Super vivid replicas of Sanheyuan, old ox cart, and old kitchen.

Grandma’s herbal rice cake — a taste of nostalgia.


During recent years, mural painting has become a popular trend in Taiwan; many communities are using art to create new attractions. Kengkou Community Painted Village is located next to the century-old "Chengsheng Temple" in Luzhu. From the streets of rustic farmhouses with red roof tiles, you can see the childlike style of paintings depicting the lifestyle of farmers. In Kengkou Community, apart from the Chengsheng Temple dedicated to the worship of Guan Yu, there is also a farming community made up of local residents. Now, with the trend of revamping the community through art by mural painting, the residents worked together to paint the walls in the community, and Kengkou Community gradually became a well-known painting community. Mural paintings have expanded from the vicinity of the bustling Chengsheng Temple to the interchange of Haishan Road and Kengkou Road; they cover around 30 hectares of residential and factory walls which spans an area of around 3,310 square meters. Most of the scenes are based on farm life commonly seen in the fifties and sixties. The return to simpler times makes the experience more intimate, which is also one of the main reasons for its popularity among tourists; it is also a favorite location for visitors to take photos.

In the past, most villagers from Kengkou were members of farming families, therefore the art revamping event organized by Luzhu District's Kengkou Community and the Community Development Association designed and painted farming village scenes on the walls of the houses and factories, as well as designed painted alleyways. Once you enter from the Chengsheng Temple, it is the start of the Kengkou model community. Here you will find the community map painting designed by the Community Development Association to help visitors navigate their way through the world of painting.

The paint village is divided into four parts which include the vicinity of the Chengsheng Temple, two painted alleys, Yongchun chemical factory zone, and Haishan Road. Visitors begin their tour by walking along interconnected buildings to enter a time tunnel filled with rich and colorful paintings. From water buffaloes, chickens, ducks, and other animals drawn in 1:1 scale, visitors can interact directly with the paintings. You can picture yourself plowing a field with the ox, or feeding chickens and ducks in the old sanhoyuan (three-section compound). These simple but meaningful images decorate this rustic village. There is also a brick stove, the type used by grandmothers. By combining the firewood, bamboo steamers, as well as the chimney of the old house, a nostalgic scene is recreated.

Turn the corner and you will see the corner shop form your childhood; push the old tricycle and take a photo filled with the flavor of the old days with your travel companions. The Kengkou Community Paint Village is full of wonderful surprises; the walls of the alleyways are covered with a colorful coat of paint which makes it easy to forget the times that have passed, taking you back to your childhood memories.
Apart from the neighborhood around Chengsheng Temple, if you would like to experience something different, visit Haishan Road for different scenery. The paintings look even more life-like along with the common lantana flowers and the trees on the side of the road. If you visit in autumn, you will be able to see the Mexican asters in full bloom in the flower fields, swaying delicately in the breeze and evoking gentle yearnings.



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  • 175MOM


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    Visit during layover

    Traveler rating:3 2018-03

    The entire village is not too big. We just wondered around taking photos. There were some nice paintings. Some walls and paints were peeling and not maintained well. My kid enjoyed placing herself in the paintings to take fun photos. If you have been to a good painted village in the world, you will not be impressed. While it is not a must place to visit while in Taiwan, it was a good choice for us. We had about 3 hours to kill before our free Taipei tour from the airport. We did not want to go too far, and we were not interested in mall shopping. From the free travel guide at the airport, I found this place is close by, only 2 stations away by train. We looked at the map at the station, and walked towards a temple that is located next to the painted village. It was easy 10~15 minutes walk. It was a warm March day and we enjoyed the walk in the countryside. Also we got to see few cherry blossoms. There was only one restaurant -looking establishment next to the temple, but we did not go inside and not sure what they were selling. Other than that, we saw one man selling hot dogs from a cart. There were no stores to buy food or drinks at the train station, so plan accordingly.
  • jifu5867


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    範圍小 道路窄 不需特地來

    Traveler rating:3 2020-06

  • Daniel-888168

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    Traveler rating:3 2018-09

    為了更新老舊社區,許多的社區透過壁畫彩繪活動,藉此打響名氣、創造新的活力,也成為了熱門的拍照地點。 坑口彩繪村範圍是位於百年歷史的蘆竹「誠聖宮」旁的附近家戶及工廠圍牆。 彩繪的主題以五、六十年代常見的農村風情為主,像是水牛、雞、鴨等動物,阿嬷的老式灶,以柴火、蒸籠煮食搭配上老房子的煙囪,也有最近的卡通人物。 漫步在社區中,欣賞彩繪,不時會有驚喜出現。
  • RobertH8384

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    Traveler rating:3 2017-04

  • DayTrip730096

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    Traveler rating:5 2017-10

    位於桃園蘆竹及竹圍交界的一個小村莊,坐機場捷運下坑口站走約十分鐘可達,沿途盡是田園風光,坑口村人家圍牆圖上彩繪增添不少可看性,在地居民純樸,佔地雖然不大,但是每個角落細細品味仍有許多古樸的就農村色彩, 村口有賣冰棒價格(十五元)實在風味絕佳,值得全家出遊及拍照!

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