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Fengshukeng Hiking Trail(龜山楓樹坑步道)


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Fengshukeng Hiking Trail is one of the many hiking trails on Taoyuan’s Hutou Mountain. The entrance to the hiking trail is located at the end of Lane 281, Guangfeng Road of Fengshu Village. Start from here and you will first pass the side entrance of Fengshu Elementary School, and then climb upwards from the road next to Fude Temple. From here you will reach the Zhenwu Temple dedicated to the worship of the deity Northern Emperor Beidi. The temple is also a local attraction offering tranquil elegance. Next to the temple you will find a straight stairway made from sleeper rails, this is the start of Fengshukeng Hiking Trail.

Go up the sleeper stairway and through the forest and you will come to a field of silvergrass. Late autumn is the best time to enjoy the lovely sight of the silvergrass as this is when the plant is in full bloom with beautiful white blossoms. The sea of white make you feel as if you are walking in the clouds. This sight is lauded as the most stunning view of autumn. Apart from their beauty, silvergrass is also useful. They are pioneer species which only flourish in poor quality soil with full sun exposure. So you will not find them in deep forests. They grow and thrive in the ground, protecting the land and keeping the soil together with their roots; hence there is no need to worry that a typhoon or heavy rain will cause a landslide.

When you pass the gently swaying silver grass, you will see the Guishan No.6 Pavilion located at the vantage point, this is one of the best locations to admire the mountain view. Go to the pavilion and gaze downwards and you will have an unobstructed view of the entire Fengshu Elementary School, the houses and building at the foot of the mountain, and if the weather condition is right, even a glimpse of the Taipei 101. Look around and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of Hutou Mountain and Xinlukeng Mountain. In autumn there is the added splendor of the seas of silver grass blossoms.
Upon departing from the vantage point of No. 6 Pavilion, you will arrive on a wide dirt and gravel path. There is no need to worry that the trail would be steep and difficult to navigate — you will still enjoy the easy stroll in nature that you had up to the pavilion while you admire the scenery and soak up the beautiful natural atmosphere. Once you pass the electric tower and the fruit orchard, you will come to a wide plaza of red earth. This open space is the meeting point” of many hiking trails. In Addition to serving as a helipad, on weekends, the space also attract many drone hobbyists to come have fun. As many hiking trails converge here, the different paths lead to Hutou Mountain Eco-Park, Hutoushan Park, and Fengshukeng. Visitors can go down the mountain in the direction of the No. 15 electric tower, on this return journey you can see the No. 6 Pavilion which you had already passed and the spectacular sight of the north peak of Xinlukeng Mountain.
As you descend, you will see the dazzling glass roof of Minglun Sansheng Temple sparkling like a jewel from the green treetops. At the foot of the mountain you can also admire the pretty European style houses. At the end of the hiking trail is Fengshu Village famed for its flower fields, the charming sight making a perfect ending to the walk.



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