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Daxi Cihu Trails(大溪慈湖步道)


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With the passage of time, Cihu Mausoleum has become the “Chiang-Chiang Cultural Park” and is now open to the public. If you visit Cihu of Daxi, you should definitely try out the three trails along Caoling River to get a closer look at the mountain and river. The three trails are called “Touliao Eco Trail”, “Cihu Trail”, and “Swan Lake Trail”. Touliao Eco Trail meanders from the Cihu Mausoleum along Caoling River, showcasing the rustic scenery of the farm fields. Walk along Cihu Trail and you will see beautiful swans in the lake, one of the other not-to-be-missed attractions is also the changing of the guard.

“ Touliao Eco Trail” entrance is located next to the Cihu Mausoleum and has a length of around 1.2 Km. As it is right next to Caoling River, you will also be able to enjoy the pretty sight of the river, sometimes with a white egret gliding by elegantly. There are also habitat information boards giving simple information about the Caoling River habitats. The calming sound of the flowing river, the flat expanse of the path, and the coolness of the location even in summer makes it an ideal destination for parents and children. In addition, don’t forget to take a look at the only volcano in Taoyuan which is also the only shield volcano in Taiwan - Caoling Mountain. Although the volcano is no longer active, scenery of the verdant forest can still be admired. In winter when the fields lie fallow, you will also be able to enjoy the stunning sight of the brilliant cosmos flowers in full bloom.

A single trip along Touliao Trail takes about 20 minutes. From here, you will arrive at the “Cihu Trail” starting at the Cihu visitor center. You can first go to the visitor center for information brochures on Cihu and nearby tourist attractions. Inside the center are exhibitions on artifacts and objects from the times of the two Chiang presidents as well as documentary films, which are also well-worth a visit. The entrance to Cihu Trail is located next to the visitor center. This shady path is protected from the sun, making it feel as if you are in a green tunnel. Walk along the picturesque Cihu Lake and you will arrive at the end point of the trail, Cihu Mausoleum, which is next to the mountain and faces the water. Apart from being the resting place of Chiang Kai-shek, military police are also stationed here and the hourly changing of the guard ceremony including an ornate gun ritual attracts many visitors.

After your visit to the mausoleum, if you would like to find a tranquil spot to admire the lake, look no further than the Swan Lake Trail. The pebbled path circles the lake, allowing you to enjoy the rippling water and gander at the black and white swans swimming leisurely on the lake. There is also a lakeside scenic platform where you can take a rest and simply relax. Taking a stroll along the lake helps you to soak up the atmosphere of serenity and relaxation.



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