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Three Swimming Turtles(三龜戲水)


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The view of three turtles playing in the water is one of the most representative views in the Baling area. Dahan River is the major river of Taoyuan City and its upstream originates from the Yufeng and Sanguang Rivers which flow through mountains and integrate into Dahan River before reaching Lower Baling. "Three Swimming Turtles" refers to the junction of the three rivers. Dahan River follows a winding and torturous course and changes its path several times in the region. Because of the long-term erosion due to natural forces, river valleys interleaving with mountains, overlooked from the mountain road, look like the heads of three turtles. Together with undulating mountain ranges that take the shape of the backs of the turtles, the picturesque view of "Three Swimming Turtles" is shaped that is not only a must see in the Baling area, but also one of the most beautiful sceneries in Mt. Lala. 
The name of "Three Swimming Turtles" originated from the aboriginal myths and legends. In addition, river and wind erosion results in mixed mountains and high cliffs, which give the Baling area a mysterious atmosphere. To publicize the beauty of the natural landscape, Taoyuan City Government has built a wooden scenic overlook on the cliff at 5.2k, Tao 116 Township Road at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level. 
The scenic overlook to view "Three Swimming Turtles" is located on Tao 116 Township Road, the traffic artery of Mt. Lala Scenic Area, and has become a new scenic spot since its completion in 2014. While visiting Mt. Lala, tourists can follow the mountain road to enjoy the spectacular mountain views and stop at the scenic overlook to appreciate the fabulous natural attraction. The scenic overlook is the best location to admire the beauty of the natural landscape as well as a rest stop for tourists.
To provide an extended field of vision, this scenic overlook is designed to be a two-level structure. The upper level is a platform with washed granolithic finish that provides a parking space for tourists. The lower level is a wooden viewing platform that offers tourists a spacious place to feel the soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Standing on the scenic overlook, you will have the most beautiful view of the amazing "Three Swimming Turtles" meander valley particularly in Mt. Lala. On sunny days, the peaks of distant mountains covered with thin mist may come into sight. Besides the marvelous mountains and rivers, you will oversee both new and old Baling Bridges and randomly strewn small houses. As you relax your body and soul, you will also experience how insignificant human beings are and how great nature is.
The scenic overlook can be connected to Baling Historic Trail in Mt. Lala. After entering Mt. Lala Scenic Area, tourists can stroll along the path to visit Butterfly Museum, Beetle Museum and take Youjing Trail to head towards the scenic overlook to gaze the picturesque natural beauty and admire the enchanting nature.



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