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YeHeng Terrace(爺亨梯田)


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Yeheng Terrace is located in Yeheng Village that is in the southwest of Baling. The Yeheng area is famous for its terraced fields and hot spring. Numerous photographers visit Yeheng to take photos of the rarely-seen terraced fields in Taiwan and the best location for photographing terraces is Sanguang, which is opposite to Yeheng. Here, tourists can take great photos of undulating terraces and capture the most impressive images along their journey on the North Cross-Island Highway.
Situated beside the Mrqwang Creek along the North Cross-Island Highway, Yeheng is a settlement of the Atayal aboriginal tribe and has the second largest tableland in Fuxing Township than Mt. Jiaoban. To get to Yeheng, tourists must arrive at Lower Baling first and turn onto Guanghua Industrial Road. Used to win the reputation of the "Barn of the Back Mountain," Yeheng tribe is not a popular tourist attraction but preserves its primitive character of a mountain tribe.
The terraced fields in this quiet village were constructed by the Japanese government when it promoted rice growing on mountain slopes during its occupation of Taiwan. At that time, local Atayal residents were mobilized to build terraces from the peak to the creek valley and dig channels to bring in the mountain spring water for irrigation. As the most beautiful scenery in the tribe, Yeheng Terrace, in its glorious history, separated the mountain into 1,200 layers and had a drop of more than 1,000 meters. In addition to bringing a stable life to local residents, these terraced fields build an outstanding natural landscape in the tribe.
To have the full view of the layered terrace, tourists can take photos along the driveway to Sanguang, which is on the opposite side of Yeheng, and enjoy the picturesque and refreshing scenery intertwined with green terraced fields, mountains far away and blue skies. Besides the rice fields of the beauty of geometry, low houses are strewn randomly in the terrace and straight road that vehicles sometimes pass through divides the terrace into two. In the relaxing pace of life, people from the urban area will yearn for this rural life.
In the early days, the terrace was mainly used for rice cultivation and the landscape changed its color with the seasons: from the seedlings, the lush green rice crops to the golden rice spike before harvest. The scene of hard-working farmers in the terraced fields until the sun goes down presents a rural scenario that is rarely seen in urban cities.
In recent years, to compete with the peaches from Mt. Lala, farmers in Yeheng start to grow "Mama Peach" that is harvested every May. Mama Peach wins the name not only because its harvest season falls around Mother's Day, but also the fact that most of the peach growers are Atayal mothers who are single moms or aged over 60. Mama peaches are fine textured, sweet and juicy. Don't miss the chance to taste Mama Peach during your visit to Yeheng.



Opening Hours The mountain controlled area, goes to visit must handle a card of enters the mountain


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