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Aspire Park(渴望園區)


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Longtan Aspire Park is the perfect getaway for those who seek relaxation. It is a multifunctional park of 172 acres of low-density development that incorporates living, production and ecosystem. Nearly 90 acres are designated as greenery area. You’ll be surprise to find out that back in 1989, the notion of enjoying recreational activities and low carbon living has already caught on.
Roaming in the enormous park, the limitless blue sky and vigorous greenery is indeed precious to modern city dwellers. Aspire Park calls out your instinctive desire for nature, offering a variety of facilities suitable for visitors of all ages, including the green walking trail, bicycle trail, kids playground, etc. Whether you’re planning a family trip or a day-out with friends, Aspire Park is the place for you. Park greenery includes tung trees and cherry blossoms that attract visitors annually during the flourishing season.
Aspire Park is the first private hotel awarded a prime level green hotel certificate. Every comfortable and spacious room has a window view of the soothing green to release your stress. There are various recreational facilities such as indoor warm-water pool, SPA, game room, table hockey, handball, table tennis, billiards, gym and other indoor sports venue. In addition, there are restaurants, supermarket, barber shop and even an accessories store to satisfy all of your needs without needing to head out the park.
Longtan Aspire Park also offers rental studio apartments, offices and factory as well as research and education facilities. It is close by Window on China Theme Park, Leofoo Village Theme Park and Longtan Pond, an ideal destination for a short trip to Longtan. 



TEL 03-4071888
Opening Hours Open 24 hours (Hotel recreation area opening hours: 06:30~21:30)
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  • Toilet
  • Parking Lot
  • Shop
  • Bike Rest Stop
  • Hiking Trail


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