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Maze Lane (Caodianwei)迷宮巷(草店尾)


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Average tourists go to the crowded old street in Daxi. Only smart ones know their way to somewhere off the map! Locals call it Houwei-a, a maze-like narrow lane next to Fu Ren Temple on Heping Old Street. As you enter Houwei-a, the hustle and bustle of the streets suddenly  vanished. Only chicken chirps and dog barks remained. Roaming through traditional mud houses and stone walls, the former house of Feng Fei-Fei is spotted. A ragged wooden cart, a few coconut trees in the backyard and a century-old well reminisce “years flow as water”, one of Feng Fei-Fei’s most renowned songs.
Have you noticed? Houses and buildings here aren’t as posh and exotic as the ones on the old street, yet there lies beauty in the modest houses of ordinary lives.
Back when river cargo business thrived, many workers from outside of Taoyuan built huts right at the river bank called Houwei-a. The considerably small block has a Tudigong Temple, slabstone courtyard and houses of various styles. Every house is built after its constructer’s free will, creating an unique scenery at Houwei-a where duplications cannot be found.
If you’d like to learn more about the locals, Caodianwei Living Room across the former house of Feng Fei-Fei is an information station where you can discover a lot more than what’s told in any travel guide. The Living Room is also a place villagers gather for socializing. In addition, it offers venue for local cultural and creative exhibition as well as art workshops. Design master Hsiao Ching-yang once collaborated with students of Chishan High School in organizing the “Wood-loving Living Room Exhibition”. Unlimited energy for creation is found in this tiny lane. Welcome to the street museum and discover the treasure of your own. 




Please keep your voice down and do not disturb local residents.


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