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Buffalo Bookstore(水牛書店)


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Saturday: Break time
As you enter the tiny bookstore, the first thing you notice might be several kids playing tabletop games with laughters. Supposedly, bookstores are silent, while readers indulge in the virtual reality of words without disturbing others. Regardless, Buffalo bookstore identifies itself as a charity bookstore that offers not just a cultural platform but also a venue for community gathering. There are activities that promote reading in remote townships. In addition, the bookstore offers kids a friendly space to spend their time. The warm interaction is something rare in this fast paced contemporary society.
Low key as Buffalo Bookstore may seem, its founder is certainly a big name. Famed politician Luo Wen-chia took over Buffalo Books in 2012 as a realization of his dream of opening up a bookstore in his hometown to offer underprivileged families a decent place to read. Besides selling Buffalo publications, the bookstore also features “A book for a book”, which means that you can bring your book to the bookstore in exchange for a book in the store. Students with a Xinwu library record having  borrowed 20 books can also bring home a book from the bookstore for free.
A variety of books showcased on the shelves on the wall are all donated second-hand books. Book genres range from photography, architecture, traveling to fields related to Luo’s personal background like local culture, agriculture and politics.Yet another novel thing about Buffalo Bookstore is that you can purchase rice. Luo established a farm in Xinwu Jiuoduo Village named “I Love You Learning Farm”. While promoting friendly farming, revenue made from selling the organic rice grown with zero chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide is devoted into education in remote townships. Free English courses and Ju Percussion courses are provided. Perhaps farming and running a bookstore aren’t something economically profitable, but it sheds light on kids’ future, brings hope and spreads love, which is far more valuable than money. 



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