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Fugang Old Street(富岡老街)


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The history and development of Fugang Old Street evolves around the establishment of the train station. Fugang Train Station was initially built as Bogongung Station and brought such prosperity to the township of agriculture. Situated right at the train station, Zhongzheng street block was therefore the first area that embraced rapid development with merchants shuttling in the bustling marketplaces. However, as the railway altered its path, the once burgeoning streets had come to a sudden halt. Until today, exotic western-style mansions remained as witnesses of the glorious past.
Lu Jia Sheng Mansion located on Zhongzheng Road is the most iconic building in Fungang Old Street. The two-story mansion is the width of five storefronts. Extravagant baroque elements are seen in its dome roof, Greek style frontispiece, symmetric Roman pillar and delicate carvings, showcasing the thriftless lifestyle of its former owner. The building of the mansion started in 1929 and the construction lasted two years. Since then, decades passed by, and it stands still as a landmark hard to miss.
Roaming along Xinyi Street, shophouses with red bricks and arcades seem relatively unassuming, offering visitors an unique experience as if traveling back in time to Showa period.



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