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O’right Green Headquarters(歐萊德綠建築總部)


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O’right is perhaps an unheard brand for most people, but its headquarters, haircare and cosmetic products have created quite a stir! O’right’s dedication on "Green Salon Value" not only has won the company many international awards, but also represented Taiwan in the United Nations conference. What is so special about O’right? Take a trip to O’right Green Headquarters in Longtan mountain area, and you’ll be totally amazed!
O’right is the "greenest" company in Taiwan, with a bare concrete formwork building of 4959 square meters. It is also the first certified green cosmetics plant in Asia and is recognized with Taiwan EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate and various ISO certifications. The meticulously designed southward office area not only brings in natural light, but also shades direct sunlight with deep window design. The office area has excellent indoor ventilation and the use of LED lamps has saved millions on the electricity bill per year! The indoor plantation generates ultra-fresh air while the outdoor plantation of Taiwan's native trees species reduces the amount of carbon absorbed by 1.5 Daan Forest Park in three years! In addition to the "low-carbon office," O’right also builds an "energy-saving restroom" that uses water saving sanitary facilities. Moreover, the pedaling water supply system can do without electricity and hand contact, which saves much more power!
Besides the interior design, O’right’s outdoor design is also quite amazing! The "giant sun visor" on the top of the lobby corridor looks like a chessboard but yet in fact is a sun collecting cover. With the help of the rooftop solar panels and the wind generators, the sun collecting cover can produce 100% solar energy and wind power. Such a design is not only environmentally friendly, but also cools down the planet. In addition, the ecological pool at the entrance and the renewable waterfall landscape all beautify the environment and reduce the temperature!
O’right creates the world's first Tree in the Bottle shampoo. The bottle can be completely decomposed and become fertilizer. Then, to plant the Acacia seeds attached at the bottom of the bottle, you’ll get a Tree in the Bottle. The creativity is honored by the German iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. O’right’s mission is to form a green supply chain, to devote to environmental protection, with the hope that the Earth will be more beautiful and better.



TEL 03-4116789#6153
FAX 03-4116779
Opening Hours Monday to Friday, 09:00-16:30
Charge $200/person, only accept group/company reservation. Please call to inquire first.
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Open for group visitation of 30 – 50 people.


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