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Xiucai Hiking Trail (秀才登山步道)


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Go all the way to the Yangmei summit: easy even for first-time hikers

Cherry blossoms, silvergrass, and bald cypress: feel the seasonal changes in nature

Great social media photo opportunity with Xiucai dolls.

For those who seldomly hike, the flat and non-challenging Xiucai Trail is easy to conquer and should be included in their trips. At the altitude of less than 400m, the scenery along the way is dynamic, including tea fields, bald cypresses, farms, and more than 50 species of birds. You might even run into protected species such as the crested serpent eagles and sparrow hawks. The rich ecology adds a lot of fun to the hike.

From Xiucai Road in Yangmei take a left at the front gate of China Motor Corporation and continue towards Tiandetang. You will be able to find Jueying Trail, also known as the “sky ladder of Yangmei,” from the wooden arch. Take the 495 stairs up to “Green Energy Lookout” at the top of Taiping (Daping) Mountain. In the mountain breeze, you can look over to the entire downtown Yangmei, Xinpu, and National Highway 1. On a good day, you can even see Guanyin coastal area afar. It will be so relaxing you can immediately recover from the tiredness of climbing stair. From here, hike towards west to Xiucai Pavilion and read about the origin of “Xiucaiwo (Home of Xiucais)” on the bulletin boards along the way. The “story corridor” where stories about Xiucais are displayed add some cultural learning to the hike. The two-floor high Xiucai Pavilion is another popular spot. When the hills are covered by silvergrass, it would feel like a wonderland. After passing by the Forest Lookout, Forest Station, and Shaded Lookout, you will return to Xiucai Road.

The path extending from Green Energy Lookout is comprised of the tea field section, farm section and waterfront section, each of which has its own entrance and symbols of teapot, Zhuangyuanbing (scholar cake), and Xiucai dolls. Be sure to take photos here. The lush green tea trees, bald cypresses turning red in winters, and teals going around the pond are all part of the wonderful scenery. In spring, the cherry blossoms near Zhaomendao Road in Yangmei is a beautiful addition to the hike.  



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■ The trail is rarely shaded by trees. You are recommended to have proper protection against the sun and mosquitos.
■ The stone stairs are steep and can be slippery. You are recommended to wear anti-slippery shoes.
■ Silvergrass season is September to November.
■ Bald cypress season is mid-December to end of January.


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