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Nankan Riverside Parks(南崁溪水岸公園)


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Nankan River flows through Guishan, Taoyuan, and Luzhou Districts. The six riverside parks along Nankan River provide city residents the happiness to be closer to water and greenery without traveling far out, thus putting the LOHAS spirit into practice.
■ Guishan First Riverside Park – Next to Tongxin 2nd Rd., Guishan Dist.
Surrounded by spacious green fields and flowing river, the park sets up sites for ball activities, children's playground and elderly recreation area. It is a place where young and old can enjoy and have fun. In the park, discharged military weapons, like tanks, fighters, air defense artillery, anchors, etc., are displayed as if a small military history museum. The blue Xingyue Bridge has a distinctive design and its dazzling lightings at night give the riverside a changing ambience.
■ Taoyuan First Riverside Park –Along the right bank of Nankan River, the section from Chenggong Bridge downstream to Tienzhu Bridge.
As a popular and romantic dating venue, the park has a heart-theme ball-shaped installation art, Happiness Square, the red LOVE sculpture, the lucky clover pavilion, the heart lock trail, the steel-made Qingxi Rainbow Bridge, and the gorgeous lightings projected on the river water when night falls.
■ Kuiji Riverside Park – Next to Sanyuan St., Tianzhu Bridge, Taoyuan Dist.
Grass lands, leisure trails, and bike paths are set up along the riverside for local residents to walk along, go after the wind and get close to nature. People can also go up to the observatory platform to appreciate the rich ecology and enjoy the extensive view from the top.
■ Pet Demonstration Park - Next to Mingguang East Rd., Taoyuan Dist.
The ladder specially made for pets, the tire, the single-plank bridge and other entertainment equipment enable pets to run about in a safe environment. Equipped with cleaning facilities, dog poo trash bin (with plastic bags), the park gives visitors a clean leisure context. Though the park is only 0.3 hectares, its completeness makes it a great place for pet walking.
■ Jingguo Environmental Park - Next to Jingguo Rd., Taoyuan Dist.
The lush park with leisure trails enable visitors to take an easy stroll in the urban jungle. The park's exclusively pet area sets up game tires and ramps. There are also water dispensers and cleaning areas in the park.
■ Guangming Riverside Park - Next to 2nd Sec., Guangming Rd., Luzhu Dist.
Guangming Riverside Park covers an area of ​​about 21,000 square meters. The park has basketball courts and fitness equipments for all ages, thus becoming a great place for the residents to exercise and relax. The lush greenery and the thirty stalks of cherry blossom in the park turn the riverside into intertwined colors of red and green every late winter and early spring.



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