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Daxi Puding Park(大溪埔頂公園)


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Located at Puding Redevelopment Area, Daxi Puding Park is only three-minute drive from Daxi Old Street and is a gorgeous backyard garden for local people. The park has a total area of 5.5 hectares, nearly an area of a Beitou Park in Taipei City. The neatly-arranged trees and the relaxing grass land give the park an atmosphere that is very different from the noisy Daxi Old Street. Puding Park is divided into two sections due to Freeway No. 3. Entering the park on Gongyuan 5th Street, what comes to view is a large stone arc wall that exudes timeless elegance of the ancient European wall. By the side of the wall, colorful latana look like multicolored embroidered balls and butterflies fly over the bushes from time to time, welcoming visitors to enter this leisure garden.
Sports areas are set up on both sides of the park. In addition to kids’ playground slide and rocking horses, there are horizontal bars, walking boards and other fitness equipments. Surrounded by green shades and fresh air, you will know how comfortable it is to exercise in nature than in an indoor gym. The sports areas are fully cushioned and parents can sit at the wooden tables and chairs nearby to watch their children closely, ensuring the safety of outdoor play.
On the bridge connecting both sides of the park, you can overlook the busy traffic on Freeway No. 3. It is such a little happiness to see the shimmering car lights and enjoy the silence at night. After you go across the bridge, you'll find that the other side of the park is even much bigger. Green maple, cypresses, maple trees, norfolk pine, madagascar almond and flame gold tress stand erect along the tree-lined avenue and the vast grassland forms a glorious green landscape. People walk, cycle or fly kites in the park and even families have a picnic on the hillside. Sometime, if you are lucky, there may be a chance to witness the wedding photo shoots of happy couples. Layers of tree shades sieve out the heat of the sun and kindly bring a splash of freshness at the heart of summer. Puding Park is a cultural base in Taoyuan that combines leisure and tourism purposes and also a good location for large-scale cultural events, like Daxi Aboriginal Harvest Festival and Taoyuan art tour.



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