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Yixing Suspension Bridge(義興吊橋)


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One of the most memorable scenes in the movie "Seediq Bale" is that Seediq warriors stepped onto the rainbow bridge to fight for their freedom. How sacred and blissful is the road that leads to eternal hunting grounds. Today, when you visit Loufu, just follow the hunters' footsteps to discover this secluded paradise. Either aboriginal culture or picturesque scenery will promise you an unforgettable journey!
Yixing Suspension Bridge was built in 1966 to carry water pipes and for pedestrians to use. After the renovation of the bridge in 2013, it now can carry up to 100 people at a time. The 200m long Yixing Suspension Bridge is made of steel suspension cables and wooden pavement. When you walk across this 15 storeys (about 70m) high suspension bridge, as if walking a tightrope, the spectacular view of the Dahan River valley is visible right beneath your feet while the river keeps whispering in your ear. The scenery will be even more poetic when the pure white tung blossom decorates the lush green mountains every April and May! Despite your fear of heights, be sure to enjoy the magnificent views and feel the sense of accomplishment after you challenge your limitations!
To visit Yixing Suspension Bridge, please walk from Luofu Elementary School and continue on Provincial Highway No. 7 until you see the entrance installation of the north entrance to the bridge, "Luofu Village.Yixing Bridge." If you want to train your legs or get closer to nature, choose Xiaowulai Sky Rope Bridge and proceed along the Old Irrigation Canal Trail built during the Japanese colonial period. The gravel pathway and elevated wooden pavement are both in good condition. Although tourists have to climb stairs at the starting point and the end, this route is highly recommended for families with children. Strolling on the trail, you can feast your eyes on the original nature and the abundant greenery, which gives you an impressive experience. Moreover, just relax and refresh yourself while enjoying the stunning views of Luofu Bridge and Fuxing Bridge.



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