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Dajiuqiong Historic Trail(大艽芎古道)


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When you walk up the wooden staircase which is paralleled by an old moss-covered stone one, can you imagine that the Dajiuqiong Historic Trail was once a busy commercial corridor? Before the North Cross-Island Highway existed, residents of Baiji and Amuping had to walk through the mountain trail to sell their agricultural produce to Daxi. However, as time changes, the period of great prosperity has become part of the history. Now, because of its abundant natural resources and the scenery that varies from season to season, the Dajiuqiong Historic Trail is one of the best locations for enjoying the forest phytoncid and viewing tung flowers.
To visit the Dajiuqiong Historic Trail, take Provincial Highway No. 7 and pass Zhugaocuo Industrial Road where old abandoned red brick houses stay there silently. Next, just go straight, turn left at the sign of Zhugaocuo Bus Stop and Touliao Pond that reflects its surroundings like a mirror will welcome you with agreeable scenery. Touliao Pond, also named as Xinfu Canal, is divided into two unequal parts and the "island" floating on the bigger one is especially eye-catching because it is the only one Earth God Temple in the Water in Taiwan. Due to a canal restoration project, the Earth God was asked to move to the newly constructed Fuchang Temple. However, the god was unwilling to move away and even returned to the temple in the water at that time. Continue to move forward to Dajiu Temple and begin your tour on the historic trail. Sometimes, you'll encounter the inscriptions on moss-covered rocks which reveal the Zen spirit. As you reach the saddle of the mountain, you can turn right to Xizhou Mountain, or take a left turn to Touliao Mountain, the Nanzaigou Historic Trail, the Governor-General Hiking Trail and the Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail. After some rest at Xishi Pavilion, stroll downward to Tao 51 Road to find the exit of the trail.
The Dajiuqiong Historic Trail is a popular tung blossom scenic trail that boasts amazing views of tung blossoms in full bloom and those floating on the river every April and May. Butterflies dance and flutter among the flowers and forests just like fairytale princesses. You'll have all these beautiful memories after you travel to Dajiuqiong.



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■The trail is slippery. Please wear proper shoes.
■Tung flowers bloom around April and May.


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