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Bade Jiadong Xiaoli Bike Path(八德茄苳霄裡陽光鐵馬道)


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This is not a challenging cycling route but definitely a leisurely one that provide a pleasant atmosphere along Daxi, Pingzhen , Zhongli and Bade in the 13.5 km ride. The bike path is well-paved and is highly recommended for either oneself or families! Get ready for it? Let's bike!
Starting from Xiaoli Elementary School, cyclists may go north to reach Jiadong Eco Pond Park, or go south to visit 100-year-old temples. The length of the north route is about 7.7km. Following the signs from Changxing Road to Xiaoli Elementary School, the traditional laundry space regarded as the gathering place for local residents is right next to the cookhouse. People talk or gossip when they are doing their laundry and kids even play in the water in summertime. Here, you enjoy not only cycling but also the feeling of relaxation. Keep heading toward Yuansheng Temple and you will see several rows of screen houses for agricultural purposes and some tourist farms. The north route ends at Jiadong Eco Pond Park which consists of three pools. Weeping willows sway breezily along the lakeside walking trail where people frequently visit for fishing, jogging or cycling. Please follow the lush greenery that extends all the way to Dongfeng Street Tree-Shade Foot Trail. Just take your time and enjoy the ride!
Different from the natural scenery along the north route, the south route boasts 100-year-old temples and Hakka residences. The laundry space No. 1 adjacent to Fushan Temple has existed there for decades and local people still maintains the most eco-friendly laundry method to live harmoniously with nature. After passing Xiaoli Community Center, you will encounter a group of old red-brick houses: Qingcaoshidi, Lujiangtang, Tangchaoju and Yuzhuju, standing still to tell the 100-year history of the village. At present, the area around the Wu Family's Shrine has been designed into "Shimu Shrine (Shrine of Stone Mother) Cultural Landscape Area." Following the hand-drawn map, you can trace the footsteps of the Wu's reclamation and the origin of the belief in Stone Mother. Another popular attraction along the 5.8km long south route is the first pond in Taoyuan, Xiaoli Pond. Xiaoli Pond becomes famous in recent years because of its scenic view of bald cypress trees together with farms, flowers and chinaberry blossoms, presenting unique scenery from season to season. 



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■The bike path may cross the major roads. Please pay attention to your surroundings while riding.
■There is a YouBike rental station in Yuan Ze University.


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