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Fengshukeng (Maple Tree Village)(楓樹坑)


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How about visiting Taoyuan to find another Mr. Brown Avenue, which is composed of farms, old trees and country roads? Besides Daxi, this can be your another choice to stroll among a sea of beautiful flowers! Fengshukeng (also known as Maple Tree Village) consists of three valleys and the place got its name because it was densely populated with maple trees in the early days. There are no maple forests nowadays but the scenery of Fengshukeng varies with the four seasons: the green field with rice stalks swaying in the wind, the silvergrass flowers in full bloom in autumn, the flying tung blossoms in May and the bright yellow sunflowers in summertime. Fengshukeng is a perfect location for a leisurely bike ride or stroll.

After taking a left turn at Ln. 290, Guangming St., walk 160m till you meet the intersection of Zhongkeng Route and Fengweikeng Route. Zhongkeng Route that extends to the Earth God Temple before Zhongkeng Bridge No. 5 is a 4km long flower viewing route and its slope is a little higher than Fengshukeng Route. Along the route, except some small-scale factories, all you can see is the farmland divided into sections. Fengshukeng has a low population density and therefore creates a carefree atmosphere. The breeze is whispering to the yet fully mature crops while the aroma of dragon fruit fills the air. White egrets fly leisurely across the rice field and insects and birds are composing their country melodies. After the harvest by the end of October or November, farmers spread the seeds of cosmos flowers, sunflowers and zinnia flowers in the field, transforming the field into a beautiful flower farm that you would stop and appreciate it.

Along the 5km long Fengweikeng Route, you will meet a 200-year-old fragrant maple tree, which is the most popular landmark in Fengshukeng and attracts tourists from far and near to visit this "Mr. Brown Avenue in northern Taiwan." You can either have a break in the shades of the old tree, or feast your eyes on the blue sky and green trees. All you need to do is to relax. Compared with Zhongkeng Route, Fengweikeng Route takes you pass more extensive farmland area and terraced rice paddy fields that are always higher than the roads due to the geographical conditions. During the slack season, cosmos and zinnia flowers in full bloom adorn the farmland. The mountains are filled with pure white tung blossoms in summer and silvergrass flowers in autumn, making it a great route for scenic viewing. 




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To reach Fengshukeng, visitors must pass through industrial roads without street lights. Because the roads are narrow, night travel to Fengshukeng by car is not recommended.


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