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Daxi Yuemei to Longtan Sankeng Riverside Greenway(大溪月眉至龍潭三坑水岸觀光綠廊)


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Have you tried visiting two old streets in one day? Starting the tour from Daxi Bridge and head all the way to Longtan Sankeng, you’ll be able to enjoy the soothing riverside scenery, century-old cultural historical sites, rich natural ecosystem, unique local eats and slow-paced city tour all at once!
The total length of the Daxi Yuemei to Longtan Sankeng Riverside Greenway is 7,190 meters. It links Daxi Old Street Riverside Footpath, Shihmen Dam Bike Trail and Sankeng Old Street Bike Trail. The greenway passes through Heping Old Street and leads straight to Daxi Bridge. You get to appreciate the extravagant western style mansions and the unique style of the bridge which assembles a half dome Baroque design. Proceed to Kanjin Bridge upstream after passing Daxi Bridge. Glossy green paddies along the way greet passengers with the light aroma of rice and chive. Visiting during August and September, you will see a vast sea of chive flowers at Fanzihliao which is often compared favorably with Tung blossom in May!
After passing Erkan Rest Area, follow the bank of Dahan River, and you will arrive at Sankeng Eco Park. It is a great way to alleviate fatigue strolling along the spring or staring at the lake from a pavilion alongside the wooden path. Sankeng Old Street is two kilometers down Yongfu Road. Known as “the number one street in Longtan”, it is where traditional lifestyle is preserved. Women chat over the laundry chores at the entrance of the street about trivial matters in the neighborhood. The level-two historical site Yong Fu Gong has been the local religious center for the past two centuries. Beside the temple, Ching Chien Residence of the prominent family from Qing Dynasty no longer prospers. Sankeng Old Street leads to Shihmen Dam Bike Trail and passes through scenic spots including Sankeng Spring, Butterfly Flora Gallery, Coffee Forest Path and Tung Flower Trail. 




  • Bus Station
  • Parking Lot
  • Bike Rest Stop
  • Hiking Trail


■Bike rentals available on Ruian Road.
■Parts of the greenway is on regular car lane. Only a few sections are bike-exclusive trail.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


■Daxi Yuemei end
1. Qiaotou Parking Lot
2. Yuemei Parking Lot
■Longtan Sankeng end
Sankeng Village Parking Lot