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Youxiayun Waterfall & Gaga Eco Pond(優霞雲瀑布、嘎嘎生態池)


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Wednesday: 00:00 – 23:59


The secluded waterfall that will impress your five senses.

Sparkling fireflies in the summer.

The Taiwanese Jiuzhai Valley of blue, green, and turquoise-colored lakes.


The elderlies of Xiayun Village tell of a story that there is a demon hidden in the pond. The enchanting pond is filled with teal water that is home to reviving waterweed and mysterious creatures. The waterfall is guarded by ancestral spirits from the disrespectful. If you are the curious type, you will definitely want to include these two private destinations to your must-visit list!

Follow Kuchi Road in front of Xiayun Elementary School and walk for about 400 meters, you will arrive at the Gaga Eco Pond. There is of course no demon but it sure feels like you are in Jiuzhaigou Valley. Step on platform that crosses over the pond that allows you to put yourself amidst beautiful wetland and aquatic plants like ginger lilies, cattails, umbrella plants and marsh pennyworts. The water in the Eco Pond comes from underground spring and rainwater. Waterweeds that were barely alive in winter due to drainage of the pond revived right after the occurrence of rain. Despite of occasional engine sounds of passing vehicles, the only backdrop music is the chirping of birds and insects. The natural paradise is also inhabited by diverse species including frogs, reptiles and birds. In April and May, sparkling fireflies light up the pond.

Follow the Kuzhi Trail down along the pond for about 10 minutes and take the wooden path next to the observation platform. In about 20 meters you will arrive at Youxiayun Waterfall at mid-stream Kuzhi River of an altitude about 600m. The name of the waterfall was taken from the Atayal language, meaning “the cradle that nurtures life.” Different from the serenity of the eco pond, once you are on the wooden path you can hear the splashing waterfall. As the sound gets louder, you look forward to experiencing great presence of the waterfall even more. Once you are actually on the platform, you can feel the impact of the splashing water as well as enjoy the abundant negative ions, letting your body and soul soak up all the natural goodness of the forest.



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■Youxiayun Waterfall and Gaga Eco Pond are secluded. Please do not go alone.
■There are hidden vortexes under the Youxiayun Waterfall. Do not enter the water.
■For your safety, do not open the controlled gate of the observation deck.


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