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Roman Road Bike Trail(羅馬公路自行車路線)


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Are you looking for something more other than a mild riverside bike trail? Luofu Highway (County Road 118) is the perfect challenge for a master cyclist like you! It starts from Luofu in Taoyuan Fuxing District in the East and stretches West to Mawudu in Hsinchu Guanxi Township. There are uphills, downhills and hairpin turns to put your cycling skills to test. To finish the 33.83-kilometer trail indeed requires much stamina!
Starting the ride form Yixing Suspension Bridge, a 300-meter uphill ride is the first challenge for cyclists. The best reward for the effort put forth pedaling is the delightful scenery of Luofu and Fuxing Bridge. After accomplishing the first uphill challenge, take a rest over a cup of Maqau coffee at the scenic cafe atop Dahan River. Afterwards, follow the gentle slope down to Jialan and Chaoyang where a giant rattan basket welcomes visitors to Xikuo Tribe. You can experience huntsman culture and play the aboriginal jaw harp.
Continue uphill to the West through Kueihuei and you will arrive at the 404-meter high Meituei Mountain. Amuping and Ginger Island are must-visit spots. Numerous restaurants and stalls can be found in this area where cyclists can dine and pick up supplies. On the way to Shihmen Dam, cherry blossoms in the spring and tung blossoms in the summer generate a lovely atmosphere that lifts the cyclists’ spirit. The bike trail then passes through Gaorao Tribe which consists of Gaoraoping, Siagaorao, Zhonggaorao and Shanggaorao community. It is where you immerse in the century-old Atayal culture. After passing the hairpin turn around Bashang Cafe for about 1.9 kilometers, you will see a road sign that says Guanxi Township. By then, you have reached the highest point of Roman Highway, standing 464 meters above sea level. After enjoying the sense of achievement, a 13-kilometer downhill ride awaits. Embrace the thrilling sensation with the rushing wind at your side. You can also visit the ancient Nuomi Bridge in Mawudu on the way. It is built during the Showa period. 



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