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Shihmen Mountain Trail(石門山步道)


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City dwellers from concrete jungles are increasingly seeking for adventures in the mountains. Shihmenshan (also named Xiaozhukungshan) locates on the west bank of Shihmen Dam. Standing 551 meters above sea level, it is one of the 100 peaks in Taiwan which overlooks Shihmen Dam, Longtan and Daxi. You might be able to see Taipei 101 from Shihmenshan! There are two major trails for you to break out of your comfort zone with eye-opening views!
The north end of Shihmen Mountain  Trail is accessible through the archway on Minchi Road. The beginning section of the trail footpath is earthy. Street vendors selling hiking sticks, small eats and mountain produces gather on holidays. The inclination of the footpath is mild, allowing hikers to save energy for the upcoming challenge while appreciating the greeneries comprise of tung trees, acacia confusa and ferns. The 400-meter long “Slope for the hero” is a steep uphill with a 200-meter grade difference. It is so physically challenging that hikers would need to pull ropes. Another trail is the Jinchun Footpath which is much easier to conquer. The excitement triggered by the spectacular view of the dam at mountain peak is the best cure for fatigue. After some proper rest, you can continue uphill to the 535-meter Taipingshan. A communication tower is established at the peak. Conquering two peaks in one day is definitely satisfying!
Guanyinxiang Footpath next to Shihmenshan Labor Recreation Center is yet another option. Artistic statues and dinosaur models are placed on both sides of the level asphalt path. What an interesting and eye-catching comparison. Follow the gradually ascending stone steps uphill for about 400 meters to an observation deck, you will see the 8-meter high Guanyin Statue that quietly watches passing travelers. Continue to proceed to Paradise Platform, it is where the “slope for the hero” footpath meets with the Guanyinxiang footpath. Many hikers set the triangulation point as target to enjoy an unlimited field of view. You can also follow signs to the south-end of the Shihmen Mountain Trail on Provincial Highway No.3 B. 



Opening Hours Open 24 hours
Charge Free


  • Viewing Deck
  • Bus Station
  • Parking Lot
  • Hiking Trail


Tung blossom season is from April to May.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


■Street parking
■Free parking at Longtan Shihmen Recreation Center