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Amuping Ginger Island(阿姆坪薑母島)


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You may not have heard of the Pillow Mountain but you must have heard about the Ginger Island. It was originally a fictitious name created in an extremely famous Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You. The scenes in the drama were shot here. Ginger Island is across Amuping Pier. The best way to tour around is to go on a boat trip around the lake, enjoy the scenery of Shihmen Dam and get off on Ginger Island to visit the local guardian god who's been with the twenty or more families for over a century.
Amuping in Taiwanese language means “duck ground”. It is a river terrace of Dahan River on the right bank of Shihmen Dam. The area is said to be named after predecessor Lu A-Mu who first came to cultivate this land and raised ducks. Amuping used to attract numerous tourists on holidays for its natural forest and water. However, due to restrictions enacted on the source of water, the popularity as a tourist destination has slowly worn off, and it has now transformed into a tranquil secret getaway. The Eco Park nearby Amuping Parking Lot is a nice place to start off the journey. Strolling along the shaded gravel footpaths, the cheerful chirp of the birds and the elegantly moving egrets are truly mind-soothing. Then, take a boat trip around the lake praised as the “mini three gorges”. You will stop by attractions including Longchu Bay, Dreamy Grassland (Ernaishan), Shihxiuwan Waterfall, Ruins of Changxing Bridge and Lovers Island. The highlight of the boat trip is Ginger Island. Handmade driftwood artifacts made by the locals, bamboo shoots, oranges and pineapples are all worth buying. You can also try out some fried creek shrimp, fried pale chub and fried sweet potatoes. Last but not least, visiting the hundred-year-old Tudigong Temple will mark a peaceful end to the fun journey.


TEL 03-4712000#101
FAX 03-4712981
Opening Hours Open 24 hours
Charge Boat fair based on itinerary


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For information on Amuping ferry schedule and itinerary please call 0933-098996 or 0974-395821.
Each itinerary plan requires a minimum number of sign-ups.
Guide service is provided aboard.


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