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Wujiutongshan Footpath(五酒桶山步道)


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Thursday: Open 24 hours a day


Smooth path and wide stone steps —suitable for non-professionals.

Beautiful sunset, airplanes taking off and landing, and limitless view of the coastline.

A small temple inside a big temple — a wondrous scene of “temple within temple” hidden in the green forest.


Are you still craving for another adventure after conquering Yangchuo Forest Trail? Wujiutongshan Footpath nearby invites you to get to know Luzhu from a brand new perspective! Wujiutongshan Footpath is 4 kilometers long and consists of 5 trials. The height difference is 80 meters which will make you sweat and challenge your limits!

The name of Wujiutongshan Footpath dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Mr. Tsai and his five alcoholic sons moved to this place. Each of them drank a bucket at a time. Thus, the place was named Wujiutongshan (five wine buckets mountain). Another saying goes that villagers in the past would take their cows to drink water here. Thus, the name Niusuitongshan (cow water bucket mountain) came along and was phonetically turned into Wujiutongshan nowadays. 
On holidays, Nantien Gong on Changxing Road is always packed with pious believers and hikers. The hiking gate to Nankanshan Footpath at Nantien Gong Parking Lot was funded and built by passionate hikers. The 170-step stone staircase named “Yingguang Love Stairs” is mild and safe. Following the concrete path passes Chunchiu Pavilion, the 155-meter high Nankanshan is a great spot to overlook the Taiwan Strait and the international airport. There is another trail named Liufu Footpath that also leads to Wujiutongshan which is slightly covert and bumpy.
Passing by Wangyiu Pavilion, sculptures of five wine jars are frequently seen along the way.The Wujiutongshan Resting Pavilion where you can overlook the Guanyin Statue is also where other trails meet. Continue straight and you will arrive at the Fude Ancient Road. Turn left and you will connect to Haishan Road and Huanshan Footpath. Luntou Fude Temple is located at the intersection of the two paths. The intriguing scene of a temple within a temple attracts many visitors. The highest point of the trail is the peak of Shanbishan where Chinese silver grass flourishes in fall and turns the mountain into curious white.



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Wujiutongshan Hiking Gate is on the right of Nantien Gong. Access from the parking lot beside the temple to find the hiking gate.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


Nantien Gong Free Parking Lot
Street parking