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Yangchou Forest Trail (羊稠森林步道)


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Selected as one of the “100 trails you should visit around the world.” This trail offers the best ocean, land, and aerial view.

Battle of the forest wrestlers—beetle ecology observation

Ecological wonders—Taiwanese Blue Magpie and pangolins are here!


Follow the steps of shepherds in the old days to the valleys of the Nankan River sub streams. The scene of sheep herding and grazing can no longer be seen. Instead, hikers move on the quiet mountain roads. Yangchou Forest Trail is 3.3km long and mostly flat, with lush greenness along the way. You can also watch HSR trains going through the tunnel. It is definitely worth a trip!

Take Yangchou Alley next to Chang Yung-Fa Museum and Chanliu Art Museum up for about 100m, you will see the trail entrance with a goat-shaped statue. The wide dirt road makes the hike quite easy. After about 100m, you will come to the first challenge, Hero Slope, with 215 stairs testing your cardio abilities. Calories burned just like that! If you do not want to exhaust yourself here, you can take the split road on the right. Both routes lead to Qifen Mountain, at the top of which there are swings and basic exercise equipment. You can take a short break here. Next, in the mountain breeze, you will walk for 200m on flat dirt path towards Bafen Mountain. If you are planning an easy hike, you can take the split road on the right towards Wu Ancestral Hall to go back to Zhongshan Road.

Further up towards Mount Jian, where the pylons stand is the peak. Towards Jiufen Mountain, the split road on the right leads to “Hundred-year-old Longtou Guanyin Earth God Temple” under the large banyan tree. The split road on the left leads to the trail entrance at Alley 560 of Sec. 3, Renai Road. After Jiufen Mountain, follow the stone stairs up to the lookout where you can see HSR trains passing through the tunnel in a flash and airplanes taking off and landing at Taoyuan International Airport. Further afar, you can see ships sailing on Taiwan Trait. The best of ocean, land, and aerial view all in one place. The highest point of Yangchou Mountain at the altitude of 225m is a great spot for watching HSR trains go by. Going downhill, you will pass by the beetle ecology pavilion and a long-shaped pavilion, before arriving at the end of the trail, Liufu Road entrance. Yangchoukeng Trail has rich and versatile ecology, with swallowtail butterflies, squirrels, stag beetles moving around tree ferns, tung trees, and Taiwan acacias. This piece of green land near the city offers wonderful nature to the visitors.  

Every year in summer, the “Yangchou Forest Trail Beetle Season” is held. It is a highlight of the year that you should not miss. Large number of beetles appear on Formosan ash trees. Their horns are the best weapons for taking food and territory. The battle of the year is about to begin! Follow the guides into the beetle conservation area and learn more about their habitat and habits. They will surely impress you!



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■ There are five entrances, at Yangchou Alley, Alley 345 of Nanshang Road, Alley 663 of Nanshang Road, Liufu Road, and Alley 560 of Sec. 3, Renai Road. Among all of them, Yanchou Alley is the most easily accessible.
■ June to August is the breeding season of beetles. Be considerate of the ecology. Do not try to capture them.


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