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Yangchou Forest Trail(羊稠森林步道)


Popularity: 1654

Follow the paths where shepherds in the past took into the valley of Nankan River. You no longer see yangchou (sheepfold in Taiwanese) or any herds. Instead, you see numerous hikers tramping along the 3.3-kilometer Yangchou Forest Trail. The trail is mostly level and hiker-friendly. Greenery flourishes along the way, and you get to overlook high speed rail running through tunnels!
Trace along Yangchuo Lane next to Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Museum and Chanliu Museum for about 100 meters up, and you will find an adorable goat statue at the hiking gate. The wide trail is not challenging at all. After 100 meters, “slope for the hero”, a staircase of 215 steps is to test your cardiopulmonary function. If you would like to save some energy for later, you can take the side road on the right which also leads to Chifenshan. At the peak of Chifenshan, there is a health plaza equipped with a swing and some work-out facilities. You can take a short break and enjoy the breeze before proceeding 200 meters to Bafenshan. For those who are not into intense hiking, take the side road on the right to return to Zhongshan Road.
The peak is marked with an electricity tower. On the way to Jiufenshan, there is a side road on the right that leads to Longtou Guanyin Tudi Temple situated under a big ficus. The side road on the left leads to Ln.560, Sec.3 Renai Road hiking gate. From the observation deck situated atop a flight of stone stairs pass Jiufenshan you can see high speed rail running through tunnels, airplanes taking off and landing in Taoyuan International Airport, and even ships cruising in Taiwan Strait! The highest point of the trail is the peak of Yangchuoshan which is 225 meters above sea level. It is the most favored spot for high speed rail seeing. The downhill trail passes through the Beetle Eco Area Pavilion and a narrow pavilion, and leads to the end of the trail, Liufu hiking gate. Yangchuo Forest Trail has a rich ecosystem. Swallowtails, squirrels and stag beetles dwell amidst common free ferms, tung trees and acacias, showcasing such diversity in the outskirt of the city.



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Five entrances/exits of the trail are Yangchou Lane, Ln.345 Nanshang Road, Ln.663 Nanshang Road, Liufu Road and Ln.560, Sec.3 Renai Road. The most accessible one is Yangchou Lane on Zhongshan Road.


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