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Luofu Tribe Huntsman School(羅浮部落獵人學校)


Popularity: 1821

“On the mountain one lives by mountain products; By the sea one lives on seafood.”To the aborigines, hunting is a necessary skill and a cultural inheritance. Atayal people in Luofu Village are closely related to the mountains. They value “living in peace with the nature” as gaga (teachings of the ancestors). Take from what’s already there. Do not exploit the land by taking too much. All prey are the blessings from the ancestral spirits. Luofu Tribe Huntsman School offers various itineraries for you to experience the wisdom of huntsman.
Prior to hunting, Atayal elderlies will hold a “purifying ritual” in Atayal language. The solemn ritual takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the purpose of welcoming visitors and praying to ancestral spirits for well-being. Men would perform a warrior dance. Traps are key to hunting. First, you need to survey the landscape and observe traces of prey. Branches, leaves and rocks are decent materials for making a trap. “A good huntsman knows how to wait quietly and patiently.” Of course, launching an attack at perfect timing is also a good strategy. In huntsman school, men and women alike can learn to make Atayal bows and arrows. (In Atayal tradition, women are prohibited from touching hunting tools or engaging in hunting operations.)
After hunting lessons, aboriginal cuisines await. Captured boar, polatouche and muntiacus reevesi are smoked with cheery wood without additional seasoning. The crispy and fragrant meat is incredibly delicious! During the feast, aborigines would tell about the special culture of sharing. An Atayal male should start hunting as a teenager in order to acquire what it takes to pass the Coming-of-Age Ceremony. The sharing culture of the tribe is truly another beautiful scene.



TEL 03-3821296
Opening Hours Open on irregular schedules based on prearranged itinerary


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■Reservation needed. Please prearrange your visit and follow the guiding instructions on safety regulations and taboos in the tribe.
■Please prepare sunscreen and mosquito repellent during summertime.
■For more information on itineraries, please go to official website or call.


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